Having the windows of your business sized up for decorative window film may seem extraneous. Or, at least, it does until you consider the benefits. Consider all the reasons it may be right for your business, and then decide whether it is still a costly extra.

Energy Efficiency

When it comes to running a business, one of the chief concerns, of course, is lowering your bottom line. While decorative window films certainly add to the aesthetic quality of your business, the biggest draw has to be the energy savings you will realize quickly. During the summer, it is possible to see savings of around 40 percent just by eliminating the heat gain coming in through your windows.

Overall, decorative window film reduces heat gain to 80 percent, allowing your HVAC system to work more effectively and efficiently. Installing window film may make your business eligible for certain tax rebates or other incentives.

Ditch the Drapes

In the past, drapes and blinds were the only way to control the amount of sunlight entering your business. They are just not as effective as decorative window films, however, at eliminating the UV rays and heat gain. Allowing natural light to fill your business creates a much more inviting atmosphere. You can also eliminate the blinds and drapes that discolor and misalign while giving your business a cleaner and more uniform exterior appearance.

Increased Productivity

Eliminating the UV rays and harsh glare of natural light makes it easier to get work done. Working near a window when the sun shines directly can be a headache-inducing process. Window film cuts down the glare that can make computer screens almost unreadable and helps reduce eye strain in other areas. You also save your employees and customers from the damage the sun’s harmful rays can have on the rest of their bodies.

Getting the Right Look

Depending on the architecture of your building, decorative window tinting can also have a very aesthetic effect on your exterior. Maybe your business is in an older building, and you’ve been worried about the effect that new, modern windows could have on the historic appeal of your building.

Decorative window film can also be a big part of a more significant effort to increase your business’s security by limiting what intruders can learn about you just by gazing in the windows. Good security window film offers protection against simple smashes and grabs, increasing window strength and eliminating a broken pane as a point of entry.

No matter the reason, many business owners turn to decorative window film to solve both problems, making the workplace safer while enhancing the overall appearance.

If you haven’t considered decorative window film for your business before now, perhaps it is time you did. Weigh the positives it could mean for your customers and staff, and then contact our team. We can help you design a look for your establishment that looks good both in person and on paper.