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While San Fransisco has some of the better weather in the country, our temperatures still dip often down below 50 degrees Fahrenheit during the winter months.

And with a cold snap, we all know they can go lower than that.

Couple this with the higher-than-average natural gas and electricity costs around the Bay Area and you have the recipe for some seriously outrageous energy bills.

Though there’s not terribly much you can do. Gas and electric cost what they cost, and there’s no controlling the prices.

However, what you can do is control your own home. Knowing some tips and tricks can help save on energy. And the best tip of them all? Window tinting.

Window tinting reduces electric costs but also does so much more. While you might tint to save on gas, the secondary benefits are just as nice.

Let’s look at why you need to seriously consider winter window tinting.

Winter Window Tinting 101

Choosing winter window tinting means thinking ahead for your yearly energy costs. You’ll save money during the winter months, and that saving carries over into summer.

That’s because during the summer your window tint can help keep heat from escaping through your windows. Less heat means less AC and more savings.

Though for the winter, we’re focused on keeping the heat inside the home. It’s not as difficult as you’d think, and works on the same principle as the summer.

The special film reflects heat, regardless of where that heat comes from. Inside or outside, your window tints save you energy.

Keep the Heat Inside

You will lose heat from your windows this winter. There’s no way around it. Calculating just how much heat depends on your specific windows, but you’re losing it none the less.

Stopping this heat loss is the first step in driving down those out of control utility costs we mentioned earlier.

It doesn’t matter if you’re running a gas or electric furnace, you will save money using window tint to keep the heat inside your home.

So How Does Window Tint Work?

We’re glad you asked. Window tint works on the principle that a special low emissivity window film reflects radiant heat back into your home.

As we mentioned earlier, it’s the same principle that summer window tinting uses. That heat gets reflected before it reaches the home’s interior, thanks to the same low emissivity window film.

Where Do I Need Tint?

Well, on every window in the home. Covering every window ensures you’re losing the least amount of heat possible.

While covering only a few windows can help, how many you choose affects your energy bill. However, if you’re planning for the summer as well we’d suggested covering the living room and bedroom windows.

Typically, these windows are both the largest in the home and the places where you’ll want to retain, and then keep out heat. It also helps to cover West and South facing windows. Doing so can save you up to 10 percent on your heating costs this winter.

Is that All?

No! Window tint does much more than just keep heat inside your home. While that’s its primary goal in the winter, you can also increase your privacy and block harmful UV rays.

In fact, some people install tint just to block the sun’s rays. After all, California sees more than its fair share of sunshine.

Blocking Harmful UV Rays

UV rays do everything from cause unsightly sunspots to cancers. While most people only think UV rays matter in the summer, they’re just as threatening and harmful during the winter.

Window tint can help reduce the UV rays that penetrate into your home. Different tint concentration blocks different amounts of rays, but anything helps.

Tints usually range from 5-35 percent, with the higher tint blocking more UV rays. The higher tint ranges can block an impressive 99 percent of UV rays from penetrating into your home.

What’s more, the UV ray blocking tint is the same tint that keeps heat trapped in your home during the winter. Choosing window tints brings twice the benefit.


It’s crowded in the Bay Area, and it’s only getting worse. Keeping privacy in close quarters homes and apartments is something many people struggle with.

However, window tint again can come to the rescue. Tint can darken your windows to make sure your neighbors, or even those walking by, can’t see inside your home.

It gets rid of that sinking feeling that someone’s watching you, even if they aren’t. And because the weather in San Francisco never gets too cold, there are always people out and about.

Dark tint that makes for extra privacy also helps keep in heat and block UV rays. Again, it’s a win-win-win situation.

Home Security

Window tints can actually make your home more secure, though this is more of an all-year type of benefit.

If people can’t see into your home, they can’t know what you own, and if your home’s worth breaking into. Depending on where in the Bay Area you’re living, you’ll enjoy the added protection.

And you don’t even need extremely dark window tints to upgrade your security. Think of a car. Even the slightest tint obscures the driver.

The same is true with your windows. Just the slightest tint makes it very difficult for someone to see inside your home.

Need Winter Window Tints?

Winter window tinting is something that most people don’t think of, that more people need to know about.

It saves you money, blocks UV rays, adds security, and adds privacy to your home. And best of all, it comes at an affordable price.

If you’re in the market for winter window tinting, get in touch with us. We’re experts on window tints and can discuss options for your unique situation.

Whatever your purpose, we’re here to help with your winter window tinting needs. Let us help save you money this winter.

We’ll keep you warm, safe, and secure while you wait for summer’s warm embrace to come rushing back.

Let us help you today!