Window tinting is a specific type of window treatment that changes the shade of the window’s glass, reducing the amount of sunlight that can enter your home. Window tinting installation consists of applying a film directly onto the glass.

Knowing some of the largest benefits of tinted windows makes it easier for you to decide if they are the right choice for your property.

Proper Window Tinting Installation

Different types of window tinting will have a different application process. Most films use an adhesive that requires water to become sticky, so the surface of your windows is sprayed down before the film is applied much like wallpaper is.

Some other types of window tinting require a heat source to soften the adhesive on the back of the film itself. This requires specialized tools and training to make sure that you don’t trap air bubbles against the glass.

While you can install some types of window films yourself, it’s a good idea to always hire a pro. Professionals will complete the installation process quicker, won’t leave bubbles or gaps, and ensure the best results.

Interior Cooling

One of the main benefits of having window tinting applied to your home is the cooler interior temperature that window tints can provide. By filtering out UV radiation and blocking a percentage of the sun’s rays, window tinting can keep your home comfortable even in the hottest days of summer.

Monthly Savings

Beyond the comfort considerations that come with cooling your home down, window tinting is also a great way to reduce your monthly energy costs – especially if you live in a climate that is hot throughout the year.

A study found that installing window tints in Florida cut energy consumption throughout the year by as much as 30 percent. Cutting your annual spending on energy costs by a third is a huge amount of money – and the savings can offset the price of installing the window tinting. With time, your window tinting can pay for itself several times over.

The savings are compounded over the long term by the fact that your central air conditioner will not have to work for as long to maintain the same interior temperature. While it is harder to quantify the savings associated with less mechanical wear and tear, you will extend the lifespan of your air conditioner and reduce the risk of having to call a professional in for repairs.

Home Value

Another thing to think about when tinting your windows is the added value that it provides to your home.

Window tints effectively make your existing windows energy efficient, which is a significant selling point for most properties. This can help increase the odds that potential buyers place an offer on your home, and can increase the amount of that offer as well – something to keep in mind if you see yourself moving in the future.

Furniture Protection

Another benefit of having window tinting professionally installed on your home is the protection that it offers your furniture. Window tinting installation will filter out UV radiation, which will prevent your upholstered furniture, your flooring, and other colored surfaces within your home from suffering from sun damage and bleaching.

Window tinting can protect your furniture much more than any other type of energy efficient window. Window tints block up to 99 percent of the UV radiation from the sunlight they let through, depending on the amount of tinting that you have applied, compared to the 40 percent that energy efficient windows filter out.

Skin Health Considerations

Related to the above point, tinted windows can help protect those with sensitive skin from suffering from UV damage and sunburns while inside. You can get a sunburn at any time, even when the sun isn’t visible since UV radiation isn’t visible either.

There’s no way to repair sun damage, so the best way to avoid long-term complications like skin cancers and other ailments is to reduce your UV exposure as much as possible – something that window tinting can provide.  

Improved Privacy

Window tinting is also a great way to obscure the view of outsiders into your home. Some window tinting even comes with a polarized tint, which will be reflective on the outside facing side but will still allow you to see out of your windows.

This allows you to enjoy the view from your home while also benefiting from effectively having the blinds closed. Beyond keeping prying eyes from seeing what you’re doing, window tinting can also help prevent break-ins.

Since intruders won’t be able to easily case the interior of your home, or be able to tell for certain if someone is inside, they will likely move on to an easier target.

Better Interior Visibility

An often overlooked advantage of having tinting installed on your home’s windows is that your interior visibility can improve. By reducing the amount of sunlight that your windows let inside, your television and computer screens will no longer suffer from bright glare during the day.

This is especially important for those who work from a home office or otherwise need to be using a screen throughout the day and can help prevent you from developing headaches because of reflected light.

Planning Your Installation

If you’re in the San Francisco area and have any other questions about window tinting installation, feel free to contact us. Our experienced and highly trained team can address any concerns that you may have and can schedule a free quote in a matter of minutes.