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Solar glare is a problem for any multi-windowed building, but high rise condos are especially susceptible. Not only is there less to block or filter sunlight in upper stories, but the reflective sun glare from cars, windows, and surrounding surfaces increases sun glare even further. In addition to glare reduction, window tinting in high rise condos will also help to reduce energy consumption, increase your privacy, and enhance security.

Reduce the glare.

Residents of high rise condos can experience more sun glare than their lower-dwelling counterparts. Single and double-story buildings usually have surrounding buildings and trees, which help to break up – or block – penetrating sun glare. However, once you are elevated above three stories, your surrounding sun blocks begin to diminish. This leaves your residential or commercial units exposed to the full strength of the sun’s rays. Sun glare is especially harsh for those with southern and western exposure. Tinted window film is a sure solution so you can benefit from natural light, without the disturbing glare.

Stop creating the glare!

Speaking of glare, you may be the culprit. In some cases, surrounding residences and businesses are affected by the cumulative glare created by high rise condos. Tired of hearing the neighbors complain about the glare from your high rise condo windows? Tinting the windows of your high rise condo will stop the complaints immediately. Your residents will benefit from privacy and energy savings, and your neighbors won’t need sunglasses inside their building anymore.

Miss your privacy.

A room with a view can come with a price: say good bye to privacy. If you can look out of your windows, it’s certain that others can look in. This is especially true at night, when your lights are on. Rather than providing the late night entertainment for your neighbors, why not install privacy window tinting in your high rise condo? In addition to glare prevention and energy savings (more on that in a minute), you can enjoy your view without having to worry about exposing your home to prying eyes.

Reduce your energy consumption while maximizing savings

Solar heat gain is a leading cause of high utility bills. When sunlight enters your windows, the visible and UV light spectrum begins to heat up the interior of your living or working space. This causes your AC to kick on, or stay on, in order to maintain a comfortable interior temperature. Talk about wasted energy consumption. In fact, heating and cooling accounts for almost half of most residential energy usage. Choosing the right window tinting for high rise condos can mean significant energy savings. In most cases, decreased utility bills can offset the cost of your window tinting investment within a year or so.

Worried about safety? When you meet with one of our representatives, we will make an appointment to view your building and assess your needs. Please let us know if safety or security is a concern. Our safety and security window film can be tinted so your home benefits from glare protection, energy efficiency and is additionally protected from smash and grab robberies, or harmful glass breakage during a disaster.

If you are interested in window tinting for a high rise condo, contact Daystar Window Tinting Inc.. We are happy to meet for a free consultation and discuss your options. Our professional window installations have benefited Bay Area high rise condo dwellers since 1986.