window-tinting-and-fading-furnishingsEveryone loves hot sunny days, but those bright rays of sunshine can easily cause permanent damage to fabrics, furnishings, drapes, works of art and wood floors in the home. Residential window tinting / film can prevent damage to your furniture by filtering out the harmful UV rays, allowing you to enjoy natural light in the home without experiencing deterioration to your belongings.

Sunlight Causes Fading to Furnishings

You can check whether sunlight has caused damage to your interior if you take a picture from the wall and observe whether the decorative color under the picture is more vibrant than the surrounding wall, alternatively if you have wood floors lift an area rug to see if the wood underneath is darker than the surrounding wood tone.

Visible light, solar heat and ultraviolet rays all contribute to damaging furnishings by causing fading. The breakdown of damage caused by this sunlight is:

  • Ultraviolet rays – 40 percent
  • Solar heat – 25 percent
  • Visible light – 25 percent
  • Other – 10 percent

Surprisingly, winter sunlight can cause more damage to the interior of your home as the sun is low in the sky, causing more light to enter.

Window Tinting or Film to Prevent Furnishings Fading

When you install window tinting/film you should choose a product which blocks out ultraviolet rays, solar heat and visible light. Choosing a product which only blocks out ultraviolet rays is opting for an item which will work on less than 50 percent of the light entering your home. You need to select the product which works on all forms of sunlight and heat, to ensure your belongings are protected adequately.

You’ll find darker tints or films give the optimum level of protection against fading, while also allowing light into the home. Darker films will also reduce glare significantly. You won’t find using darker tints and films causes a reduction of light into the home or reduces visibility when looking through the windows.

Adding tinting or film to your windows gives added benefits by helping protect you against broken glass and giving energy savings, to cut fuel bills.

If you shop around you will find the window film or tint best suited to the direction in which your windows face. This is a fairly new technology, with ongoing developments. Window tinting and film products are an affordable option which will reduce fading of furnishings and fittings while reducing glare but also ensuring light into the home is kept to a maximum.