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When it comes to your home or office, you may want an increased level of privacy in certain areas, which curtains or blinds can’t seem to provide. An alternative to these traditional go-to solutions is tinted window film for privacy.

Popular Types of Window Film for Privacy

The most popular trend in window film for privacy purposes is the frosted window film. The beauty of this type of window film is that it provides a high level of privacy, while still allowing light to seep through. Frosted window film comes in varying degrees of opacity to ensure you receive the level of privacy you desire. Some are so opaque that you cannot even see the shadows of people or objects through it. It just depends on your personal preference.

Stained Glass window film is ideal for those who wish to have the privacy and safety benefits of window film while enhancing the beauty of their homes or businesses. Full color glass window film is another decorative option that provides the same benefits.

Window Film for Privacy

Window Film for Protection

When used on outside facing windows, window films can also protect you and your belongings against harmful UV rays from the sun. When UV rays are filtered out of natural light, the chances of fading and sun damage to your furniture is significantly less.

Using window film on outward facing windows is also a great way to save money and energy. When UV rays are blocked there is less heat radiating through into your home, which means your air conditioning unit isn’t working as hard. This can save you quite a bit on your electric bill.

Consult with Daystar, your local window film installation professional to determine what type of window film for privacy is right for you. We can discuss the level of privacy you wish to achieve and whether or not you might be interested in a more a decorative option.