Have you noticed that moisture is trapped in your window film? If so, there is probably no cause for worry. Commercial and residential window film or window tinting is an affordable way to to gain significant cost-saving benefits such as reduced energy bills, increased privacy, and to protect your home or business from sun glare. Professional window film installation is the only way to guarantee your window film is installed correctly. Even so, your windows may experience small pockets of moisture trapped in the film during what we call “the drying period.”

window film damage windows
A moist adhesive is often used when applying commercial or residential window films. As a result, moisture trapped in window film is visible for a short period of time. This is completely normal and, in most cases, should not be a cause for concern. That being said, if you notice that the pockets of trapped moisture persist for six months or more, contact Daystar Window Tinting Inc. and schedule an appointment to assess the situation.

Reasons Moisture Becomes Trapped in Window Film

DIY Window Film Installation. Many customers believe the “easy-to-install” instructions that accompany window film products available online or at local home improvement stores. Unfortunately, unless you are an experienced window film installer, it is nearly impossible to achieve the professional and high-quality look you are going for. In fact, the highest-grade window film products are only available to professional window installers. It is rare for a DIY window film installation to be completed without permanent bubbles, wrinkles, or moisture pockets. Over time, the window film will degrade much faster than professional-grade window film. We always recommend that customers receive a thorough bid, and discuss the investment differences before proceeding with a DIY window film project. In most cases, you will save money by hiring a professional to do it right the first time.

Bubbles. Daystar Window Tinting Inc. uses a specialized adhesive technology that is different from the traditional window film models. Our window film products will not bubble or wrinkle. If they do, our customers are backed by warranties that ensure they will have bubble- and wrinkle-free window film. Since moisture is used to adhere older window film products to windows, it is common for a flawed installation to result in bubbles and/or moisture trapped in window film. In most cases, this moisture will evaporate over time, with exposure to warmth and direct sunlight. On windows that do not have direct sun exposure, or during colder times of the year, this drying process can take as long as six months.

Safety and Security Window Films
. The thicker the film is, the the longer it takes for moisture trapped in window film products to evaporate. An example of this is safety and security window film products and/or anti-graffiti window film . These products are thicker than traditional window films, which can take longer for the trapped moisture to dry out. As such, it can take up to six months for thicker window films to dry completely, especially when they are applied during colder weather or on windows that aren’t exposed to direct sunlight.

The best way to avoid moisture trapped in your window film is to hire an experienced and professional window film installer who works with high-quality window film products. Advanced window film technology has made it possible for homeowners to enjoy bubble, wrinkle, and moisture-free window film with lifetime warranties.

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