Thinking about tinting your home windows and wondering what options outside of the standard films are available on the market today? Take a minute to learn more about decorative window films to add style, color, tinting, and privacy that goes beyond shaded or reflective film options. 

Benefits Of Decorative Window Film In Your Home 

Beyond their attractive appearance, decorative window film offers multiple benefits: 

  • Variety in design, patterns, and intricacy 
  • Variations in opacity so you can block as much or as little of the view as you’d like 
  • Adding privacy without sacrificing natural daylighting 

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Where You Can Use It In Your Home

Here are some of the places we use decorative window film to enhance our clients’ living spaces. 

The front door and entryway

Glass panels in the front doors and sidelights next to the front door of entryways and foyers are a beautiful way to add natural light to your home while adding privacy and style to plain panes of glass. Installing beautiful decorative frosted window film prints, stained glass pattern films, and/or simple solid frost films are ideal solutions that allow daylight in and providing some privacy and design to a front entry.  

Windows facing a busy street

Is your home or apartment located on a busy street? Decorative window films come in many patterns, prints, or stripes that will add privacy while still allowing you to have some visibility. These films can be applied to cover all or part of the windows depending on your privacy needs or viewing preferences.  

Bathroom windows

Bathroom windows are another perfect place to install decorative window films. By installing film in the bathroom windows you will be still allowing light in while blocking neighbors, backyard guests, or even passersby from looking.  

Beautifying glass kitchen cabinet doors

Many of our clients loved the idea of glass cabinet doors in their kitchen remodel design. Only to find that once the remodel has been completed and they moved that glass cabinets may not have been the best design choice. As some cabinets may not be kept as organized as they originally had hoped. Decorative films can be an instantaneous fix, keeping the attractive, and light-transmitting qualities of glass cabinet doors while still providing a barrier between guests and the interior cabinet contents. 

Interior glass partitions or windows in home offices or study spaces

The more we continue moving into work-from-home lifestyles, not to mention distance learning, the more homeowners are opting to remodel their homes to accommodate home office and study spaces. Instead of solid walls, glass partitions or walls with large picture windows are being used. This is another great place to use decorative films to add a stylish element while also creating designated live/workspaces.  

Frosted, printed, or other versions of decorative window film can provide privacy and a screened effect so those at work aren’t as distracted by those at play. Plus, variations in transparency mean you can control how much visibility and light is let into the space. 

Surprising uses for decorative window film

We never cease to be amazed at the creativity of our Bay Area clients, which means we’ve seen some fun and unique ways to use decorative window film products in their homes and offices. Examples include: 

  • To create a pebbled glass look or a retro decal on the window panel of a salvaged door  
  • Mimicking the look of etched glass on windows or particular panes of glass 
  • Add privacy to shower doors (sort of like the aforementioned cabinet glass reference above, clear glass shower doors aren’t always as enjoyable as they seemed in the design concept) 
  • To create a mural effect on a window that doesn’t have the best view of the exterior  
  • Add artistic flair to any interior window fixtures 

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