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Vinyl window film is an affordable and effective way to enhance privacy, security and energy efficiency in your home or business. While many products are sold as “DIY Window Film” products, we’ve seen time and time again that it takes professional products, installed by professional people, to optimize window film’s look and function.

Vinyl window film is a thin, customized layer that is installed on the interior surface of the window. If you’re in the middle of a new construction project, it’s best to have the window film installed after construction is complete. Depending on the needs of your home or business, window film can serve a variety of needs, including privacy, security, energy efficiency and decoration.

vinyl window film

Privacy film

Whether you have a home or business that faces a busy street or intersection, or you are interested in upgrading the privacy inside a business or office space, vinyl film is available in a variety of tints or mirrored finishes. With appropriate lighting, privacy window film can transform a clear glass window pane into a one way window. The film will prevent your interior spaces from being visible to outsiders but will maintain the view and natural lighting.

Security film

Security window film serves multiple purposes. It can help to stop vandals in their tracks, prevent smash-and-grab burglary attempts and is also of significant benefit for the Bay Area due to our vulnerability to earthquakes. If you are interested in a security film, we can help you select the right film for your particular needs.

  • Shatter-protection. If you are interested in shatter protection, vinyl security film will be applied to the interior of your window. In case of an earthquake or other natural disaster, the shatter resistant window film will prevent individual glass shards from breaking out of the window frame, protecting both residents, employees and the public, and allowing for a quick and easy window replacement process. This type of film is also used to prohibit smash-and-grab burglaries as it forms a barrier that stops potential thieves in their tracks.
  • Anti-graffiti film. If your home or business is located in an area prone to vandalism, we recommend an anti-graffiti film. This is one of the few window film applications that is done on the exterior of the windows surface. It will protect your windows from both graffiti and etching. If the paint is unable to be cleaned from the film, we will simply remove it and replace it with a new layer, saving you from costly window replacements.

Energy Efficiency

When installed correctly, vinyl window film blocks as much as 99% of the sun’s UV rays. This mitigates solar heat gain, saving you a significant amount on your annual cooling costs. Also, window film prevents you from having to close blinds and/or drapes, so you can benefit from natural lighting, reducing your day lighting electric bills. In addition to energy savings, our window film products will protect your artwork, furniture, and furnishings from sun damage and fading.

Decorative Window Film

Vinyl window film is available in a wide range of patterns, colors and designs, ranging from frosted and etched glass to colorful geometric and artistic stained glass patterns. We can also have your window film custom designed with your company’s logos, sales banners, or contact information.

Contact DayStar Window Tinting if you are interested in learning more about the benefits of vinyl window film for your home or business. We’ve provided professional window film installation since 1986.