Window film and window tint are not synonymous terms. While some window films are tinted, designed primarily to block harmful UV rays, provide some privacy, and reduce energy costs, there is a wide range of films, depending on your needs. 

Understanding the difference between window tint and window film is essential when selecting the best window film product for your home or business. 

Difference Between Window Film And Window Tint

All window tinting, from the tinting applied to automobile windows to the types used on residential and commercial windows, are a type of window film.  

  • Window film: Window film is a general term that refers to any window film product, typically made from a thin, polyester laminate. The film is applied to windows of all types – auto, mechanical, industrial, residential, and commercial – to serve a specific purpose.  
  • Window tint: Window tint refers to any window film that is dyed or colored. This could be a window tint specifically to decorate a commercial business but usually refers to the addition of tinting colors/materials that block the sun’s rays. 

So, while all window tints are considered window film, not all window films are tinted. 

What Products Are Available For Window Tinting? 

There is a range of products available for window tinting. Sometimes, window films are also a style or decorative choice. You see these added to commercial buildings, like the reflective window film used on modern commercial buildings or the dark window tinting applied to sports cars and luxury vehicles. While those products usually provide privacy and reduce solar heat gain, aesthetics may be the primary goal. 

Then there are window tinting products specifically designed and chosen for their ability to block harmful UV rays. These tinted window films have multiple benefits, including: 

  • Reducing cooling costs by reducing solar heat gain 
  • Reducing sun fading on interior furnishings 
  • Minimizing glare on screens 
  • Maintaining more consistent and comfortable interior temperatures 
  • Privacy (depending on the products/materials you choose) 

Today’s home and business owners have multiple choices when it comes to selecting window tinting films, including: 

  • Reflective or tinted (mirrored or colored) 
  • Original, ceramic, or carbon compositions  
  • Films designed to minimize migraines 

We recommend reading, Regular vs Ceramic Window Tint and Ceramic vs Carbon Window Tint to learn more about the differences between tinting options. 

Window Films Come In Many Different Forms 

Window films serve a range of purposes and come in different forms. Here is a brief list of window film options. It is always best to schedule a consultation with a professional window film installer who can look at the windows in question and make sure you make the best choice for your windows, their location, and your needs. 

Outside of the tinted window film section, the following are some of the most popular window film options: 

Decorative window film 

These films are usually frosted or tinted with color and come in various designs or patterns. You can also order customized window films with a business name or logo. Decorative window film can be used on exterior, interior office, or business windows. They add privacy as well as decor. 

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Privacy window film 

If your home or business is located on a busy street, privacy film reduces the feeling that passersby have an unfettered view. This is especially important for bathrooms, bedrooms, main living spaces, or businesses that handle private, sensitive, and confidential matters with their clients. 

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Security (and safety) window film 

Window films have also been designed to provide shatterproof protection. These are often used by home and business owners who feel vulnerable to vandalism or want to provide extra protection in the event of an earthquake. When struck or broken, the thicker window film adheres so securely to the glass that it holds broken glass shards in place until the window can be repaired or replaced. 

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Anti-graffiti window film 

Anti-graffiti window films are another popular commercial window film option for commercial building owners who are vulnerable to vandalism. If vandals or graffiti artists choose your windows as etching or painting targets, anti-graffiti window films take the hit and can be peeled off and replaced within hours of the damage. 

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In addition to these general categories, we also have specialty window film options, including: 

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