Are you thinking about taking your home’s window film application into your own hands?

Window film offers homeowners an excellent means of insulating their houses. Home window film can maximize a home’s energy efficiency and give urban homes some much-needed privacy.

While window film is a solid investment for homeowners, it’s essential to hire professionals when installing it. DIY home window film can actually be more harmful than productive.

In this post, we’ll discuss the top five reasons why you should turn to the experts for window film application!

What Is Window Film?

Window film is a thin plastic sheeting applied to residential windows. In general, window film is made of the same type of plastic that’s found in commercial water bottles.

Homeowners can choose to install window film for a variety of reasons. Some window film is applied in multiple layers in order to make windows more shatterproof or scratch-resistant.

Other film is designed to protect residents from harmful, direct sun exposure, limiting the number of UV rays that enter a residence. It’s possible to find window film in a variety of tints and patterns, too, if you simply want to add a decorative element to standard window glass.

Lastly, window film can make your home more energy efficient. The film can act as insulation, preventing air leakage and keeping houses warm or cool during seasonal changes.

If implemented wisely, window film can be an important component of making your home more energy efficient.

Every window film is different, depending on the thickness, size of the window, and purpose. However, most film is applied on the inside of windows to limit scratching and damage.

Learn more about the different types of window film and their benefits here.

Reasons To Avoid DIY Home Window Film

You may be tempted to purchase window film from your local home supply store and apply it yourself to your interior windows. However, a DIY window film application is unwise for a variety of reasons.

We always recommend consulting professionals prior to making any window film purchase. At DayStar Window Tinting, we love advising our clients on professional film installation. Learn more here!

Window film is highly specific

A lot of homeowners assume that window film is generic. They believe that any film they pick up at their local home supply store will do for their residential windows.

However, there are multiple different types of window film available to homeowners. These types will depend on the intended purpose of the film application as well as your window size, pane thickness, location, and quality.

In fact, whenever potential clients call us to inquire about window film, we always ask whether or not the windows in question are a single or dual pane. We are also interested in the window frame material and measurements.

Even if you know the answers to these questions, it can be hard to decide what style of window film your specific windows require for maximum effect. For this reason, it’s important to consult window film professionals to ensure that the film you’re investing in is suitable for your windows’ highly specific needs.

Purchasing the wrong kind of window film can lead to film and/or window and frame damage. It can also result in unexpected expenses.

Applying film often involves scaffolding

If the windows you wish to tint are relatively high in your home, you will likely need scaffolding or ladders to apply the film itself. This may seem like no big deal to most homeowners, particularly those who are used to taking home improvement projects into their own hands.

However, installing window film involves more than just “sticking it on” the window. Window film is not a band-aid with removable adhesive. It requires care and precision to install.

It can be difficult to carefully install window film while also balancing on a ladder. For this reason, DIY window film applications can also be dangerous. It’s far too easy to set up a ladder on an unstable surface, try to apply window film, and cause an accident.

Professional window tinters will use industry-grade scaffolding and ladders to ensure that your window film is effectively and precisely applied, with no risk to you or your home.

Window film requires precision

Did we mention that window film application is an art that requires precision? Every piece of window film applied to windows must be expertly cut to match the measurements of your window panes.

It also must be applied with caution, to prevent air bubbles, wrinkling, and misalignment.

Most DIYers don’t have the tools necessary to ensure a precise cut of window film sheeting. Others don’t have the steady hands and means to adhere to window film without bubbling or wrinkling.

Investing in a professional application means that your window film will be free of bubbles and overlaps.

DIY window film applications can be costly

If you do take your home window film into your own hands, you may be spending more than you realize. This is especially the case if you misapply the film, resulting in the need for replacement or repair.

Professional window tinters will offer quotes that include the cost of the window film and its application. In many cases, window film will come with a warranty and the promise of future support and maintenance.

If your window film is damaged during DIY application–or your windows for that matter–you may not get your money back. When you purchase professional window film, you are investing in a cost-effective solution.

Professionals will get it right the first time

DIY home projects are often anxious ones, particularly if you are tackling something for the first time. You may worry about getting it right on the first try or having to go back to your home supply store for extra materials.

Professional window film installers will apply your film correctly the first time. You don’t need to worry about a second round, further supplies, or a re-do.

DIY Home Window Film vs Professional Installation

Window film can be a cost-effective means of improving your home’s energy efficiency. It can keep out harmful UV rays, add some decorative flair to your windows, and make panes more damage-resistant.

If you’re thinking about installing window film, be sure to have professionals do so. DIY applications can be dangerous, costly, and highly specific. Tackling window film on your own can also mean choosing the wrong type of film for your window needs.

At Daystar Window Tinting, we’ve got all of your window film needs, including application.