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Winterizing a home is important to prevent heat energy loss during the chilly months. Even newer residential homes can benefit from reducing energy loss through windows, thus saving money and reducing the overall demand for energy. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, up to 25 percent of your heating loss occurs from windows and while efficient windows will reduce that loss up to 10 percent heat, an application of residential window film will reduce that even further. Modern window films prevent heat from escaping while allowing beneficial light to pass through, helping to warm your home. By installing a modern residential window film, you can save money, keep your home warm and comfortable and protect the environment by reducing the demand for energy.

Saving You Money

Everyone enjoys saving money and one of the best ways to reduce your energy costs, thus saving you money, is by installing residential window film. Window films work by reducing the pass through of certain frequencies of energy in the electromagnetic spectrum. Each type of energy, visual light, ultraviolet, and infrared has its own frequency range, by blocking one or more, window film prevents that energy type from passing to your window thus lowering the amount of energy loss in the home. Visual light will pass though unimpeded, therefore allowing you to see through your window but heat energy is trapped in the home. This can be especially important in older homes that have less efficient windows. For the homeowner, this means less energy is required to heat the home and thus saving money.

Keep Your Home Warmer

Some films work by keeping all the infrared and ultraviolet energy out while others will let external energy into the home while preventing it from escaping. Infrared energy warms the window and the air near the window allowing you to keep your home warmer during the lit hours of the day. This additionally heating, while seemingly small, contributes significantly to the overall warmth of the house.

Reducing Demand

By preventing heat energy from escaping the home and allowing heat producing energy into the home, your overall demand for energy is decreased. This lessened demand means less energy is produced from the local utility and therefore overall demand for energy is correspondingly decreased. This reduces the amount of coal, natural gas, or other energy sources required to produce electricity and therefore is better for the environment as a whole. Something as simple of applying a residential window film can have a significant impact on the overall demand for energy

When you consider that an investment in applying residential window film to your home will save you money, help you heat your home and help reduce the overall impact on the environment, taking advantage of these benefits makes a lot of sense. Save money and protect your home and the environment by having window film installed on your homes windows today.