You can never be too careful when securing your home or business. The world will always be full of evil folks who want to take what you have from you.

You might be a shop owner concerned about smash-and-grab theft from your display windows. Or you may be a homeowner who would like extra protection for your family.

You may wonder if there is a way to beef up security without putting up unsightly bars. The good news is that there is!

Security window film is the perfect solution to your dilemma. And the benefits of the film go far beyond keeping your home safe from thieves. Let’s take a look at the impressive list of benefits.


Security window film is a great way to stop thieves in their tracks. When they try to break your window, the glass will break but remain in place.

The film acts like a bandage and holds the glass where it belongs. This is fantastic for preventing smash-and-grab thefts.

Plus, it makes it very difficult for thieves to break into your home or business, even at night. Thieves don’t like to call attention to themselves. They want to break the window, get in, and get out.

They don’t want to stand on the street for even a minute trying to smash your window. Every second they are in the open, there is more risk of getting caught.

Injury Prevention

There is another awesome benefit to security window film. If the window breaks, the shards of glass don’t scatter everywhere.

You must take great care not to injure yourself when cleaning up a broken window. The film keeps the glass together so you are less likely to cut yourself on the sharp edges.

Protection from Natural Disasters

Strong wind storms can send branches through windows. People get hurt all the time by broken glass during storms. As we’ve mentioned, the film prevents the glass from shattering everywhere. It doesn’t matter what caused the initial break.

Mitigates Vandalism Damage

Do you have pesky graffiti artists in your area? They can be fabulous artists, but the last thing you want is graffiti on your storefront.

If they paint over your windows all you have to do is peel off your current film. Then replace it, of course, so your protection remains intact.

Protection from Explosions

Terrorism is on the rise, and bombs have been the weapon of choice in 54% of attacks. Of course, the likelihood of you being in the midst of a terrorist attack is still statistically low.

But terrorist attacks aren’t the only things that blow up. Industrial accidents/explosions can happen at any time, and you can never be too prepared.

When an explosion occurs, it is not the only thing that causes injury. Windows explode into a thousand glass projectiles that can cause severe damage. Sometimes even more than the explosion itself.

A piece of security window film holds those little pieces of glass together. That’s one thing less to worry about in an already stressful situation.

You Can’t See Them…Unless You Want To

You can decide whether you want the film to be visible or not. Clear films are perfect for store windows. You want protection but you still want passersby to see your products.

For your home or office, you may want privacy. You can choose tinted window films to keep people from seeing in.

Tinted films also have the added benefit of cutting down on outside glare. If you live in a sunny area you may want to enjoy natural light, but not quite so much.


Security window film also acts as a UV blocker. That’s great news for those with higher risks for skin cancer. Plus, less UV exposure will keep your skin looking younger and healthier anyway.

Have you ever noticed that furniture or carpets that are in front of windows tend to fade? That’s because of sitting in UV rays all day. The window film will slow down that process quite a bit.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is all the rage these days–and with good reason. Energy prices are going up and people are becoming more environmentally aware. Everybody wants to do their part to protect the planet.

There’s another great bonus to security window films. They make your windows more energy efficient.

It adds an extra layer of insulating protection to your glass. The great thing about this is that the films start to offset their own cost with lower energy bills!

Cost Effective

Many businesses and homeowners choose to install tempered or laminated glass windows. They do provide some of the benefits we’ve listed here, but not all.

Imagine that a thief breaks a tempered glass window. Instead of shattering into shards, the glass will break into little pebbles. This is great so that it doesn’t injure the person who cleans it up. But it also doesn’t injure or stop your would-be thief either.

Laminated glass is a bit better. This glass has a piece of vinyl inserted between the panes. A thief would have to bang on it a lot to get it to break. This draws unwanted attention and is a great deterrent.

As we’ve discussed, security films also make it more difficult to break the window. Plus, they keep shards of glass from scattering all over the floor.

So why are they better than tempered or laminated glass? The cost. It is much cheaper to install security film than tempered or laminated windows.

Get Your Security Window Film Today

Aren’t these benefits fantastic news? You can offer your home or business extra protection without ugly bars. You’ll rest easier knowing that your loved ones are safe.

Contact us today to learn more. One of our friendly representatives will be happy to answer all your questions. We can help you choose the perfect film for your home or business.

Don’t delay! You never know when a natural disaster, or mischief-maker, will strike.