the-advantages-of-one-way-filmOne way glass film has a lot of advantages, from helping protect your home or business from burglary or theft to reducing glare to increasing privacy. Let’s take a look at some of the top reasons consumers are turning to this option more and more often.

Keep your home safe with one way glass film

There are many things you can do to keep your home safer from burglary, including preventing outside eyes from seeing inside. When used on exterior windows, one way glass film allows you to see outside clearly but prevents others from seeing inside. Would-be thieves will have no idea when you’re home – or when your office is occupied – which makes them much less likely to attempt a break in.

Ensure your privacy is maximized

What do you do when you have a beautiful view out your bedroom or office window? Many people believe they have only two options: cover up the window – and the view – with heavy draperies to keep prying eyes out or keep the window in but give up privacy. One way glass film gives you a third option. You can see out crystal clear yet others can’t see in. Let the light shine in and brighten up your home, keep your view, and enjoy the location of your home or office – without feeling like you’re on display.

See a significant savings on your utility bills

It’s common for homeowners and business owners to not realize how much harder their air conditioners have to work to cool a space when the sun is streaming in the window. Using window films can significantly reduce your utility bills during the warmer days of the year. This simple product can save some people up to 50% off their cooling costs, depending on the size and type of windows in their home or office.

Reduce glare on computer screens or televisions

Anyone who’s worked in an office without films, or tried to watch TV in the middle of the afternoon in a sunny room, knows who aggravating glare can be. It can cause headaches, make it virtually impossible to see what’s on the screen or TV, and be a huge distraction. The good news is that two way films can significantly reduce or even eliminate this glare.

Get rid of hot spots once and for all

Most homes, whether new or old, have hot spots. This refers to areas of the home that are significantly warmer than other areas. For some, it may literally be a spot – one small section of the home – while for others it may be an entire room. Often these hot spots are caused by the patterns of sunshine into a home. Window films can help prevent it.

Make your windows closer to shatterproof

Finally, consider that when you add films to your windows, it increases their strength. While it won’t necessarily make them completely shatterproof, it will significantly increase their ability to withstand being cracked or broken.

This is only a partial list of the reasons one way window films are an excellent choice for your home or business.