Suntek Window FilmSunTek is a line of window films made by Commonwealth Laminating & Coating (CLC), based in Martinsville, Virginia. The SunTek line includes window films for cars and buildings, as well as specialty films for safety and security.

Being CLC’s manufacturing plant is in Virginia, that means all SunTek products are made in the United States. Their modern facility helps CLC create SunTek products that are new, fresh, and advanced. Additionally, their team of technical engineers and designers are constantly working on new products to keep up with customer demands. In fact, in November 2011 CLC announced it was expanding its production plant in Virginia with a $16.5 million expansion, not only allowing them to better serve its customers but helping the economy by creating new jobs.

CLC prides itself in being a leader in the window film industry and is a member of a number of leading window film business organizations, including the Window Film Association of Australia and New Zealand (WFAANZ), American Society of Interior Designers, and the Association of International Metallizers, Coaters and Laminators (AIMCAL). CLC’s products have also been rated by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) for energy performance under Energy Star’s standards for windows and doors.

Now let’s talk about the SunTek range of products. In the automotive market, SunTek offers a range of products to meet certain needs. For instance, the CXP(CarbonXP)TM line is SunTek’s latest non-metal offering for cars. It was manufactured for high-end uses and features a non-fading dark surface that will not fade. It also protects from the heat and UV rays of the sun and was even made with technology in mind so that it will not interfere with cell phones or GPS systems used inside the car it’s on. If you are looking for a metalized option, SunTek offers the InfinityOP TM line, which although reflective helps cut down on glare and heat for comfort inside the car. This metalized film gives the car’s windows a mirrored appearance.

In the architectural category for window films used in buildings, SunTek again offers a range of products to meet all needs. For example, the Ultra-VisionDSTM offers excellent protection from the sun’s damaging rays, yet little reflectivity allowing an unobtrusive view of the outside world. The SilverDSTM line is all about reflection, giving windows a mirrored look from the outside while also providing solar protection for commercial buildings. And SunTek also offers a number of specialty window films that can be made-to-order, such as anti-graffiti, one-way mirrors,s or completely white or black films for privacy needs.

And in the areas of safety and security, SunTek has a number of its window films that have been rigorously tested to help withstand a number of issues, including helping the window withstand smashing, but if it is then helping to keep window pieces from shattering when broken.