Protect Your Windows in Your Sunnyvale Business with Commercial Window Film

Businesses have enough to think about in terms of cost-effectiveness, profit margins, and saving the bottom line. Commercial window films can help to promote all of these things in one simple application. From energy efficiency, to sun protection, window film comes with a variety of options and can gain your company significant cost savings. They can be customized to create complete privacy, advertise the company logo, or enhance the interior design in your commercial office space.

Window Film Helps with Energy Efficiency

Passive solar heat can take its toll on utility bills during the warmer months. In addition, a good deal of an office’s heating and cooling can be lost through less-efficient window panes. Commercial window film eliminates both of these problems. It blocks up to 99% of the sun’s UV rays, and adds an extra layer of insulation to help maintain a constant internal temperature. Most commercial spaces can see a noticable difference in their summertime utility bill totals once they install professional window film. Additionally, tinted window films prevent solar glare – which can inhibit computer work and/or fade office furnishings. Tinted films allow just the right amount of sunlight in without creating a nuisance. Turn off the lights and let the sunshine in for free!

Privacy Tinting

The cubicle world, or large industrial spaces, can begin to feel closed in. But if privacy, or sun exposure is an issue, many companies minimize their window space or keep window coverings closed. Using tinted and/or reflective commercial window film, a commercial space can benefit from natural light – and the view outside – without having to create a cave-like atmosphere. You can also use attractive window film designs to promote internal privacy on glass door or interior windows.

Window Film Can Protect Against Vandalism

Businesses are especially susceptible to late night vandalism and graffiti. A business which is a frequent target can spend thousands of dollars annually in graffiti coverup as well as replacement window costs. Window film is a major investment. It is easy to peel off and replace after a graffiti hit and prevents glass from being damaged by etching. We can order multiple custom-sized commercial films at one time to ensure you always have an affordable replacement standing by.

Branding and Advertising

Commercial window films can be custom designed to include a company’s logo, color schemes, or contact information. Have a business with good highway or traffic exposure? Utilize commercial window film to advertise your company. A one-time investment can have infinite payoff in terms of visibility and reinforcing your company’s branding.

Damage Protection

When windows do get broken, as the result of vandalism, an accident, or natural disaster, it can be both dangerous and expensive. Not only is the glass dangerous to clean up, it can also damage furnishings, compromise important paperwork or computers, and let destructive elements in. Commercial window films provide an almost shatterproof window structure. The window shards will stay in place – held together by the durable window film – allowing a maintenance team or window company to quickly, safely, and efficiently remove the debris and replace the window. In the meantime, interior business space is shielded from glass shards, wind, or water damage.

Contact a Professional Installer of Sunnyvale Commercial Window Film

If you are considering installing commercial widow film in your office or commercial space, contact us for a free consultation and estimate. Daystar Window Tinting has been installing commercial window film  products throughout the South Bay Area for more than 25 years. Our down-to-earth approach has earned us a solid reputation and we are happy to to provide you with a list of references from satisfied customers.