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There isn’t much a home security alarm system can do when it comes to smash and grab burglaries. However, security window film is especially designed to prevent your home or business from becoming the next crime scene. Criminals couldn’t care less about setting off your alarm or being caught on camera. They are often armed, disguised, and count on their speed and accuracy to get them away from the crime scene with handfuls – or armfuls – of your valuables. Fortunately, there is something you can do.

Security window film for your home or office provides a barrier which is able to stop smash and grab burglars in their tracks. Here is how it works.

Use Security Window Film to Prevent Smash and Grab Thefts

Security window films stop thieves in their tracks using the element of surprise, blocking ease of entry, and slowing them down. Need proof? Watch a security home window film demonstration by Madico.


The Element of Surprise

While security window film is thicker than most traditional home window film options, it is still completely see-through. Your potential burglars are counting on a large window break and/or shatter which will allow them to enter and exit the building quickly. They won’t be able to see your homes windows are protected with a security window film. Because the thick window film keeps broken shards in place, the burglars are startled and have to move to Plan B if they want to continue with the crime. This usually sends them away from your house before your security alarm, video surveillance, or potential witnesses have time to identify them for authorities.

Prevents ease of entry

The idea of smash and grab burglaries is based on the criminals’ ability to gain quick access to the interior of your home or business in order to grab valuables and get out. They aren’t as concerned about being caught on camera or setting off an alarm because their defense is centered around making a quick entrance and get away. Your home security window film will prevent them from smashing a hole in the window since the tough material holds broken glass shards in place. This inhibits their ease of entry and most criminals will not want to waste valuable time finding a new point of entry. Even kicking the security film in can be a problem because the cumbersome and sticky glass laden material can make it difficult for them to maneuver through, acting as a secondary barrier.

Slows them down

Since the goal is “quick in and quick out”, your security film will prevent them from achieving their goal. Your home security system will be activated, flood lights will come on, curious neighbors will be on alert, and every precious second of exposure puts them closer to being caught. While it’s not impossible for a criminal to gain entry through a security home window film, it will be more of a barrier than most criminals will want to deal with, sending them elsewhere for their next hit.

If you have been reading about escalating crime in your neighborhood, or are worried about the possibility of a smash and grab operation on your home, consider installing security window film for your home or business. Professionally installed window films come with money-backed guarantees for products and services. With one affordable installation you can protect your family and your valuable belongings.

For more information about how security window film can be used to protect your home, contact Daystar Window Tinting Inc.. We have provided window protection for Bay Area homes for almost thirty years.