Replacing your windows with energy-efficient ones can add a lot of value to your home, but can also cost a small fortune. On average, Americans pay up to $2,000 for each window using residential glass services.

Some windows can be even pricier. If you opt for a low-e coating, you can expect to add 10-15% onto your cost. Many experts say it’s worth it because of the added value to your home. But, there has to be another way to do this, right?

The good news? There is.

Instead of pricey window coatings or factory-added tint, you can get after-market residential window tint.

It sounds expensive, too, doesn’t it? It’s not as expensive as you think. In fact, window tint pays for itself in many different ways.

In this guide, we’re going over all the ways that residential window tint will add to the value of your biggest investment.

The Benefits Of Residential Window Tint

There are many different types of residential window tint to choose from. But, they’ll all use polyester film and be between two to seven millimeters deep.

Inside the film, there’s a coating that’s pressure-sensitive or water-activated. The outside will have a scratch-resistant coating, added to help it last years.

The number one benefit of window tint is to block harmful UV rays. In most tint, this gets done by chemicals.

From there, the tint will be one of the following:

  • Dyed film – Heat-absorbing dye is added to the window tinting film to keep heat out.
  • Metalized film – Metallic particles are used to reflect sunlight off your windows to keep heat out.
  • Carbon fiber film – No metal or dye. Blocks infrared light to reduce heat and doesn’t fade over time.
  • Ceramic film – Newer, top-tier window tint that uses ceramic particles to block UV rays.

Each of these types offers you different benefits which, in turn, will increase your home’s value. For example, ceramic is the highest quality and gives you the most visibility. They also block 99% of UV rays from getting inside.

This not only makes your home more energy-efficient but it protects your belongings from fading and warping.

Ways That Window Tint Adds Value

You probably already know that anything that blocks or reduces UV rays adds value to your home. But, with window tinting, you may not be aware of all the ways this happens.

Curb Appeal

Think back to when you bought your house. There was one reason that piqued your interest: its curb appeal.

Yes, you liked its location and the nearby schools. Your budget also had something to do with it.

But the number one reason you wanted your realtor to show you the inside was because you liked the way it looked.

Window tinting adds to your home’s curb appeal.

Decorative window film will enhance the look of your windows. Because you don’t need complete window coverings, your home appears brighter. You won’t have heavy curtains blocking your views or making it look like a shut-in lives there.

The first impression your house will give off is that it’s well-maintained and welcoming. The next thing people will notice is, “I bet it’s energy efficient, too.”

Energy Efficiency

In the 21st century, everything is about being energy efficient. From the cars we drive to the light bulbs we use, if something isn’t saving us money while being eco-friendly, we just don’t want it.

Adding window tint to your home is one of the easiest ways to make your home more energy efficient. As you read earlier, window film can block out as much as 99% of the sun’s UV rays. That can save you up to 10% on your energy bills alone!

That means, without even touching your thermostat, you’re saving money. And since you can install them on your current windows, you won’t have the high outlay to get new energy-efficient windows.

So, when a buyer comes to look at your house, pull out your energy bill from before and after you had it installed. This will make your home a lot more appealing in today’s eco-friendly climate.

Security And Privacy

Two little-known ways that window tint can add value is by increasing your privacy and security.

Privacy may be a no-brainer. While you’re able to see outside, the right kind of film can make it difficult to see in.

Reflective tints will look like a mirror from the outside. Inside, they don’t restrict your views at all. Decorative tints can make your windows opaque without replacing your windows with frosted glass.

Restricting potential criminals from seeing what’s inside your home is a security measure in itself. But, there’s another aspect to its safety features.

Residential window tinting can get customized to prevent windows from shattering. If your window gets broken — whether it’s due to a break-in or storm debris — the film will hold the glass shards in place.

This makes the value of your home go up. It could even potentially save you and future buyers on homeowners insurance costs.

Can You DIY Window Tint?

DIY projects are popular and can be cost-effective. But when it comes to window tint, it’s best to leave this to the experts.

Not only are there different types and specifications but the installation can get complicated. For starters, you don’t just stick it on your windows. In many cases, you need scaffolding or a ladder to reach high windows.

The installation requires precision. Unless you’re a pro yourself, you likely will make mistakes during the process.

That could make it even more expensive, especially if you have to buy extra film to fix your mistakes. A professional installer will get it right the first time and will likely guarantee their work. This gives you an added peace of mind.

Ready To Add Residential Window Tint To Your Home?

Now that you know all the benefits of adding residential window tint to your home and how it adds value, it’s time to get started.

You need to make sure you find the type of tint that suits your needs. But, you also need to find the most qualified installers.

That’s where we come in. At Daystar Window Tinting, our track record and reputation speak for themselves.

We’ve been a trusted source for window tint installation for more than 30 years. Our commitment is to provide the highest quality products at unparalleled service.

Check out our blog to learn more about the kinds of window tint and how it will enhance your home.