The convenience, culture, and benefits of Bay Area city life are wonderful, but they come at the price of continuous noise pollution. Now, technological advancements in window film have created a way to block out a majority of those outside decibels so you can relax in peace, focus, work more efficiently, and enjoy better sleep.

Soundproof Window Film Is Good For Your Health 

Multiple studies have shown a correlation between city dwellers and how constant noise pollution negatively impacts their physical and mental health. 

From airplanes, traffic, horns, and sirens to neighbors’ constant music and the perpetual barking of dogs, our brains and nervous systems are begging for a break. A recent article published on lists a range of ways scientists have discovered noise pollution impacts our health. 

For example: 

  • People who live close to airports suffer from higher rates of high blood pressure, heart disease, sleep disturbances, and increased stress levels. 
  • Those who live or work with constant traffic from busy streets are more likely to be depressed, and their death is more likely to be caused by cardiovascular or respiratory issues. 
  • Children who live in noisy environments are more likely to have delayed speech, increased anxiety, and more problems in school. 

We underestimate the ways continuous noise pollution affects our ability to relax, focus on work (homework or adult work), unwind, or get a good night’s sleep. While individuals may think they “get used to it,” their brains actually work overtime to filter the sound out of our awareness, which takes its toll on our immune system. 

Fortunately, window film manufacturers have been working on this issue for decades. Knowing that custom, soundproof windows come at a tremendous cost, innovative window film designers continued to work on cost-effective window film solutions that would provide the standard benefits associated with window film while simultaneously blocking sound waves.  

It’s important to note that while these films are often referred to as “soundproof,” they are actually “sound-blocking,” since they reduce – rather than eliminate – sound. 

How Does Sound-Blocking Window Film Work? 

The ability to enjoy clear, unobstructed views of the outside world – in addition to natural light – means installing windows that allow sound waves to penetrate right through their panes. Windows are almost always the most intense conductors of exterior sound in most residential and commercial settings. 

While double and triple-paned windows help a bit, and vinyl and other less sound-conducive window frames partially disrupt sound waveseven the highest-efficiency windows can’t compete with the level of city sounds produced all day, every day, but the outside world. 

Soundproof window film products are made from three separate layers. The middle layer is a transparent, lamination core. It’s the layer that does all of the sound blocking. The two layers on either side of it are made from polymer and support the product’s application and aesthetics. These films are installed on virtually any type of window or glass. 

Once window films are installedthey reduce exterior noise absorption by 5 decibels. While that may not seem like a lot, it exponentially decreases the level of sound the ears and brain are processing, 24/7.  

The film reduces the total decibels perceived from: 

  • Sirens 
  • Cars 
  • Trucks 
  • Motorcycles 
  • Buses and trains 
  • Heavy traffic 
  • Starts/stops at intersections 
  • Airplanes 
  • Music from passing vehicles 
  • General office noise that penetrates windowed conference rooms or executive offices 
  • Conversational noise, chatter, laughter, and music from nearby restaurants or bars 
  • The regular garbage pickup 

Customize Sound-Blocking Window Film to Suit Your Needs 

Additional Benefits

In addition to its sound-blocking qualities, soundproof window manufacturers have designed the product to have additional benefits, including: 

  • Tinting 
  • Privacy 
  • Thermal efficiency 

Your professional window film installer will meet with you ahead of time, walk the premises, and assess your windows. We’ll discuss any additional goals or preferences you might have in addition to soundproofing and then work from there. 

Family Benefits

Your new soundproof window film, combined with additional customized features means your family will benefit from: 

  • The ability to focus, relax, and sleep better 
  • Reduce stress 
  • Improve your health (and the health of your children) 
  • Watch your favorite shows in peace 

We’re excited about the benefits of sound-blocking window film products, and we think you will be too.

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