Window film is becoming a popular alternative to replacing older windows. It is significantly more affordable than full window replacement, which can cost thousands of dollars. In fact, well-sealed dual pane windows with professional reflective window film will dramatically improve the energy efficiency of your residential home or commercial building. Your window film is also eligible for energy-saving rebates.

reflective window film

Here are 7 reasons why you should install reflective window film.

  1. Lower solar heat gain. Reflective window film can go a long way toward mitigating solar heat gain, that’s the heat that accumulates inside your home or office when the sun comes beating in through the roof, walls, and windows. The windows on your south and west-facing walls are the most susceptible. By installing reflective window film, the majority of the sun’s rays will be reflected, preventing them from heating up your space.
  2. Save money on utility bills. Did you know that heating and cooling costs account for almost 50 percent of the average home’s energy spending? Your reflective window film will reduce these costs in two ways. First, it diminishes solar heat gain (see above) which decreases the amount of time your cooling system runs during the warmer months. Secondly, it provides an added layer of insulation, which helps to keep your interior temperature more consistent, taking the load off your heating and cooling system year-round.
  3. Enhance your building’s privacy. Whether you are living on a busy residential street, or prefer your office workers enjoy a little more privacy while they work, reflective window film enhances your building’s privacy. You will have choices in the degree of reflection available. You can select a mildly reflective film, which allows outside viewers a slight view inside, or highly reflective films, which will appear as a mirrored surface from the outside. Either way, occupants will still have a clear view outside.
  4. Reduce fading of furnishings and artwork. Ever noticed that your interior paint, carpet, and furnishings have faded? This process happens so slowly that you may not even notice until you turn a couch cushion or fabric over and see the difference in coloring. Sun fading is permanent. This can be an expensive loss when dealing with high-end furniture or pieces of art. By minimizing sun glare, your window film will also reduce interior sun fading. This is especially beneficial for rooms with south and west-facing windows.
  5. Increase your building’s safetySafety window film, also called security window film, is designed to hold broken glass shards in place until they can be removed and a new window can be installed. This type of window film is beneficial in a variety of scenarios. It prevents smash-and-grab burglars from finishing the job, and will also protect your furnishings and building occupants during a natural disaster such as an earthquake, high storm winds, etc. It will even protect your home from a rogue fly ball from a neighboring yard.
  6. Graffiti protection. Is your building located in an area prone to graffiti or other forms of vandalism? Anti-graffiti window film can be ordered with the same reflective properties as reflective window film, but it’s also designed to protect your windows from graffiti and glass etching. If the paint doesn’t wash off, or the film is etched, you simply remove the damaged film and replace it with a brand-new layer.

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