Are you tired of having to spend money repairing or replacing commercial windows damaged by vandals? From the removal of graffiti paint and glass etching to downright glass shatters, specialized commercial window film protects your business’s windows from vandalism. 

Security Window Film Products Protect Commercial Windows 

There are entire lines of security and safety window film products, specifically designed to protect commercial windows.  

Shatterproof film products 

Even without the work of vandals, your commercial windows are susceptible to breakage as the result of rocks flying from passing tires, a stumbling passerby, or individuals intent on breaking into your building. And, here in the Bay Area, our windows are also vulnerable to the shaking and vibrations from earthquakes or the resulting debris and chaos they create. 

Shatterproof window film products form a thick, strong, protective layer on one or both sides of the glass. If or when your windows receive blunt impact or the violent effects of a powerful earthquake, the glass may break but won’t shatter.  

The rugged, sticky film holds all of the shards in place so they: 

  • Aren’t a threat to others 
  • Maintain your building’s secure facade 
  • Detract potential vandals from further action 
  • Deters potential thieves since they have no easy entry 

Our safety and security window film can be purchased with a focus on looks and security, ensuring your building’s windows are tinted, decorative, benefit from privacy, or share your branded logos and slogans to the world. 

No more smash-and-grab strikes 

Anti-shatter films also protect you from break-ins. Many thieves rely on the “smash-and-grab” approach. They dramatically shatter the window glass with a blunt object and then reach right through the hole to grab whatever can be reached from window displays, nearby shelving, employee desks, etc. If the window or glass door break is large enough, the burglars may even enter your building through the empty window frame, grab what they can, and then exit through the other side. 

When an unsuspecting criminal tries to break your window for a smash-and-grab theft, s/he’ll have another thing coming. The window pieces remain intact due to the anti-shatter window film. The extra attention and time that may already be aimed in the vandals’ direction encourage them to flee the scene without burglarizing anything.  

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Tinted or privacy window film 

Not seeing what’s inside can go a long way toward deterring potential theft. If your business is located in a higher-crime area or your commercial/mixed-use neighborhood is experiencing an uptick in crimes, consider upping the ante on tinted or privacy window film. 

Reflective or darker tint privacy film not only makes it harder to scope a business out or tempt a thief with clear views of valuable computers, printers, inventory, etc., but it also helps to lower energy spending during the warmer months or for buildings/windows with direct sunlight exposure. 

Anti-graffiti film options for commercial windows 

Is graffiti on your storefront windows becoming the norm? Don’t give vandals the satisfaction of seeing their “names” in print or the power of knowing you’re spending unnecessary dollars repairing or replacing their work. Graffiti and vandalism cycles can seem endless, so cost-draining, and that’s where anti-graffiti window films help save your bottom line and your building’s curb appeal. 

Anti-graffiti window film options are specifically designed to take the brunt of a graffiti artist’s paint or etching. Then the next morning, you must peel the film off and have a new layer installed – keeping your existing, undamaged windows intact. Once graffiti artists and vandals realize you have a plan, they’ll skip your business’s windows and find a new place to vandalize. 

Security Window Film Is A Remarkable Investment 

Investing in security window film is a remarkable investment in your business. Your initial cost is exponentially lower than the costs associated with continuously repairing and replacing vandalized windows.  

From privacy and tinting films to anti-graffiti and security and safety window films, the team at Daystar Window Tinting has everything you need to protect your business’s windows from the damages caused by vandalism and burglaries. 

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