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Safety and Security Window Film

Benefit from the Invisible Protection of Safety and Security Window Film

Safety and Security film forms an invisible barrier between your window glass and the interior of a home or office. It can prevent intruders from entering your home or office after breaking the glass, and it can also keep your home safe from storm or earthquake damage and debris. Should the windows in a home or office be broken, safety and security window film holds the glass shards firmly in place until the window can be safely and efficiently removed and replaced.

Safety and Security Window Film for Your Home or Business

While a private security alarm may help to deter burglars, it is usually not enough to prevent experienced intruders from getting what they want quickly and exiting the building before law enforcement arrives. Security window film can provide an additional layer of protection to make sure they don’t enter the building at all. When potential intruders break the glass, they will be surprised to find that it doesn’t yield. The strong film will hold glass shards in place and make burglars think twice about wasting more time trying to gain entry to your building. It can also give security cameras more time to focus on the intruders for further investigation.

Improve Curb Appeal With Decorative Security Window Film

An office or industrial building doesn’t have to sacrifice decorative window film for safety and security. Security window film can be designed using the same attractive patterns, logos, or messages currently used for decorative window film. If vandalism is a problem in your area, safety and security window film can also help keep graffiti or etchings from becoming a permanent problem. We can combine safety and security with a film that is durable enough to withstand vandalism without harming the valuable glass beneath.

Private homes can also benefit from decorative security window film. The films come in a variety of color schemes and patterns, from etched glass bamboo forests to beautiful stained glass artworks, decorative window film can provide privacy, aesthetic appeal, and protect your home at the same time. Consider frosted safety and security window film to allow natural light in while adding privacy to bathrooms or bedrooms and living spaces that face a busy street or sidewalk.

Boost Energy Savings in Addition to Safety With Window Film

Many people don’t realize the benefit of minimizing the amount of UV sunlight that enters a home or commercial space. While natural lighting is always desirable, it can come at a price; solar heat can add extra dollars to monthly utility bills and undesirable fading to furnishings and art work can do costly damage. By using tinted security window film, Bay Area residences and business owners can save up to 10% on monthly utility bills during the warmer months – especially on western and southern facing windows. Add that to the benefits of extra window insulation during the cooler months, glare reduction and window films will pay for themselves in a matter of months.

Hire the Bay Area’s Most Reputable Window Film Installer

Daystar Window Tinting Inc. has been a Bay Area family owned and operated business for more than 35 years. Our commitment to customer service, and getting the job done right the first time, has helped to build our trusted reputation. We are happy to meet you on site to evaluate your home and/or business, and help you determine how safety and security window film can be used to add value to your space, while providing an attractive and more secure environment. Contact Daystar Window Tinting Inc. today to schedule a free consultation.