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Home Window Tinting

Home window tinting is a valuable addition to any Bay Area residence. While everyone loves the addition of natural light in a living space, rarely does anyone consider the overall cost of that natural light. Damage to home furnishings and elevated utility bills can cost homeowners thousands of dollars. Expert window tinting also offers privacy so residents can keep window coverings open during the day – and night – without having to worry about sacrificing privacy.

Home Window Tinting Prevents Fading of Your Home Furnishings

Fading can do thousands of dollars of damage to home furnishings over time. Carpets, window coverings and furniture are all susceptible to damage from the sun’s harmful UV rays. So are pieces of artwork and valuable family photographs. Even wood furnishings can suffer from excess sun exposure. Tinted window films can be scaled to the degree of tinting a homeowner requires – gentle enough to enjoy the benefits of natural lighting but powerful enough to keep direct sunlight from fading the interior furnishings.

Lower Utility Bills with Residential Window Tinting

Window tinting can prevent 99% of UV rays from penetrating into the interior of a home. Not only do UV rays fade home furnishings, they will also heat up a home’s interior. In fact, by using residential window tinting on west and south facing windows, Bay Area residents can save as much as 10% of their home cooling costs during the warmer months. Since the average lifespan for home window film is 10 – 15 years, these savings will pay for residential window film installation and then some.

Window film can also be used to help insulate windows as well. This is especially helpful for Bay Area’s older and historic homes. Nobody wants to replace beautiful original antique glass windows, yet they are inefficient insulators. Residential window films can help increase the insulation value of a window, keeping the cold foggy days from seeping into warm cozy living spaces. This will continue a home’s energy savings through the winter months as well.

Maintain Privacy with Home Window Tinting

Tired of keeping the drapes closed every night due to close proximity to the neighbors? Does the master bedroom feel like a cave because the blinds are always lowered? Tinted window film offers the perfect solution. Open those drapes and raise the blinds! With the right degree of shading, the interior of a home can be protected from overly curious eyes while enjoying the freedom of the views outside. Say goodbye to the cave, and hello to a beautifully lit home, without sacrificing a degree of privacy.

Home Window Tinting can Protect a Home from Intruders

Homeowners concerned about their family’s safety should inquire about specialized window film designed to prevent a home break-in. Residential window tinting can be customized to prevent a window from shattering and allowing a potential intruder to invade the home. Once the glass is broken, durable window film holds the shards in place so intruders will think twice about proceeding. This feature also keeps dangerous glass shards from entering the home. Your window can be removed and replaced safely and efficiently.

Protective window film also keeps residential homes safe from storm damage or the projectile force of the occasional neighborhood baseball.

Trust the Bay Area’s Best Home Window Tinting Installer

When it comes to protecting your home and family, Daystar Window Tinting Inc. is the best company for the job. Our family owned and operated business has been saving money for Bay Area Homeowner’s for more than 35 years. Ready to let the sunshine in? Contact Daystar Window Tinting Inc. to discuss how home window tinting can improve your quality of life.