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Bay Area Commercial Window Tinting

As a Bay Area family owned and operated business, Daystar Window Tinting Inc. knows that it all begins and ends with the bottom line. That’s one reason why it makes sense for any business to make the small investment in commercial window tinting. Similar to any residential building, tinted window films are a way to let natural light in, without creating glare, fading interior office furnishings, or elevating the utility bills during the warm summer months. They can also provide a business or office space with much needed privacy.

Window Film installed by Daystar Window Tinting in a commercial building
Office window tinting

Tinted Window Film – Let Natural Light In While Keeping the Glare Out

Bay Area businesses have some of the most gorgeous views of anywhere on the planet. But those views can come at a price. While natural lighting promotes productivity and keeps employees happier, it can also create uncomfortable glare and sun damage. Commercial window film comes in a variety of tinting degrees, allowing businesses to choose the perfect tinting shade to maximize the influx of natural light while minimizing its harmful effects. Tints can vary from window to window, depending on their exposure, to create the most efficient interior lighting plan.

Use Commercial Window Film to Create Privacy

Keep the blinds open without sacrificing the privacy of your office spaces. Tinted window film come in varying reflective surfaces. These allow the sunlight into the office while preventing passersby from seeing in. High-reflectivity window film can also provide the interior of an office space with privacy. When applied to glass partitions, interior windows, and glass paneled doors, it offers privacy without having to create closed cubicles or cave-like office nooks.

Commercial Window Tinting Saves Money

Commercial window tinting can save a Bay Area business as much as 10% on monthly utility bills. Passive solar heat keeps air conditioners working overtime during the summer months. This is especially true for businesses that have large quantities of west and south facing windows. The right commercial window film can reduce UV penetration by 99%, which keeps offices cooler and lowers utility bills.

By allowing natural light in, offices also reduce the need for interior lighting which provides additional energy savings. In large commercial spaces, this savings can add up to thousands of dollars per year.

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Protect Your Business Using Tinted Security Window Film

Not only does commercial window tinting save money in monthly utility bills with UV protection, it can also save money in cleaning and repairing damage done by graffiti or other forms of vandalism on your office or store front windows.

Anti-graffiti window film can be tinted to provide the sun protection a business needs, while simultaneously preventing windows from graffiti damage. If paint-based graffiti can’t be washed away, or vandals have etched in the thick window film, the film can be quickly removed and replaced.

Tinted security window film can also protect businesses from intruders. When potential robbers break the glass, the tough window film holds glass shards together so the window can’t be entered. Dangerous glass shards are held in place until they can be safely removed and a new window is put in place.

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