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Auto Window Tinting

At Daystar Window Tinting Inc., we’ve been providing high-quality architectural window tinting  for homes and offices  to customers in the Bay Area for years. Now, we’re proud to announce that we’ve expanded our services into auto tinting!

Using high-quality tinting films from Wincos and LLumar, we can provide the best car window tinting services around. Our team has decades of experience applying window tints – so you’ll always get a perfect installation that’s free of bubbles, wrinkles, and other imperfections!

Interested in learning more about auto tinting from Daystar Window Tinting Inc.? Check out more information about our services below!

How Auto Tinting Works

Don’t know how car window tinting works? It’s quite simple! While some windows are manufactured with a built-in UV-resistant tinted layer, most OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) windows have minimal tinting.

Auto tinting uses a specialized layer of film, applied on the interior of the window, to tint your window. This provides you with the comfort and privacy that you deserve.

The process at Daystar Window Tinting Inc. is quick, easy, and affordable. First, our team will clean the interior of your windows, ensuring a streak-free, perfect application surface. Then, we apply a specialized polymer film to your windows.

Finally, we’ll install a high-quality window tinting film from LLumar or Wincos – taking careful pains to ensure that it adheres perfectly, and leaves behind no imperfections, creases, or bubbles. 

The Benefits Of Car Window Tinting 

Why should you tint your car’s windows? That’s a great question! Here are 5 of the benefits of auto window tinting from Daystar Window Tinting Inc.! 

  • Increases privacy – This is one of the most common reasons drivers get their windows tinted. It’s nice to have a bit more privacy on the roads, and even a light window tint can make it hard for other drivers to see you and what’s inside your vehicle.And with a wide variety of tints available, you can choose the one that’s best for your personal preferences and needs.
  • Blocks UV rays and heat – Non-tinted car windows block a small amount of UV rays – usually 5-10% – but about 90% of UV rays are still transmitted into your car, and onto your skin. Darker window tints can block up to 50% of UV rays, keeping you more safe and comfortable. This has the added benefit of reducing heat buildup – critical on those hot Bay Area afternoons!
  • Reduces interior fading – UV rays don’t just affect your skin. They can cause premature wear and damage to the interior of your car. This is often known as “sun bleaching.” Because window tint blocks more UV rays, it can prevent premature damage or fading to your interior.
  • Deters criminal activity – If you tend to keep valuable items in your car, a window tint is a great way to deter criminal activity. Most criminals who break into cars only do so as a “crime of opportunity.” They see a valuable item in the car, and decide to steal it.Window tinting makes it much harder for criminals to see inside your car, reducing your risk of falling victim to theft, or even a broken car window.
  • Enhances window safety – Window tint films are built from advanced, strong polymers, and can actually strengthen your car’s safety windows. If you’re involved in a crash, your window tint film will still stay bound to most of the broken safety glass. This helps reduce debris and keep you safer in case of an accident. 

Window tinting protects your privacy and safety, deters criminal activity, and can even help your car last longer. For those reasons and many others, auto window tinting from Daystar Window Tinting Inc. is a fantastic investment!

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