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Bay Area Anti Graffiti Window Film Installers

Anti graffiti window film helps commercial buildings maintain their professional appearance 100% of the time. Vandalism can be a detrimental expense to companies both small and large. Graffiti is one of the worst offenders as the minute it is removed, vandals can easily return and repeat the offense. Graffiti cycles can seem endless. Buildings can become dingy and run down as multiple attempts to cover up repeat graffiti offenses result in a patch overall facade. The cost of removing graffiti on a regular basis, not to mention the expense of replacing damaged property when the graffiti can’t be removed, can be exorbitant. That is why more and more commercial and industrial complexes are turning to anti graffiti window film as the answer to this cost prohibitive problem.

Anti Graffiti Window Film Will Save Your Company Money

Anti-graffiti window film can save companies thousands of dollars depending on where they are located. While some Bay Area businesses may have the benefit of minimal annual graffiti offenses, others are hit on a weekly, or sometimes daily basis. Anti graffiti window film is affordable and easy to install. Most paint-based graffiti can be washed right off the anti-graffiti film’s smooth surface. The film comes in 4 mil and 6 mil thickness, which also prevents etchings from damaging the expensive glass underneath. In cases where the graffiti can’t be removed, it’s not problem. The commercial window film will peel off easily and can be replaced within minutes. Sooner or later, even the most dedicated vandals will learn that your business isn’t worth tagging.

Consider Anti Graffiti Window For Energy Savings

One of the many perks of anti-graffiti window film is that it comes in a variety of tinting and frost patterns. Not only are companies able to protect a building’s exterior windows from unwarranted vandalism, the interior of the building will benefit as well. Tinted and frosted window films block up to 99% of UV rays from penetrating window glass. This becomes evident in terms of energy savings during the warm months. Some Bay Area companies can benefit from as much as a 10% energy savings depending on the buildings window exposures. Southern and western oriented windows benefit the most. In the winter months, commercial window films help to serve as additional window insulation.

Office furnishings and art pieces will also be protected from fading, which increases the lifespan of your office’s decor.

Ready to Enhance the Exterior of an Office Building?

Anti graffiti window film can serve to enhance the exterior of any building. Whether a commercial building selects etched glass patterns, geometric shapes, or bright flashy color-based patterns, there is a window film option for any aesthetic. Anti graffiti window film can also be designed with a company’s logo or brand name for greater outside visibility. Accounts payable will be saying, “Thank You” when there costly bills for window replacements disappear and walk-in business begins to increase. Best of all, anti-graffiti film can also adhere to other surfaces such as wood, steel, and paneling. Ask us how anti graffiti window film can protect more than just your windows.

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