“Many of those wounded in the city of Chelyabinsk, 900 miles east of Moscow, were hit by broken glass when the shockwave smashed thousands of windows. At least 31 people were reported to be seriously injured and close to 200 children were among those hurt.” –The Independent

It’s hard to imagine the thoughts and fears that raced through the minds of Chelyabinsk residents when the nearly 10-ton meteor shot by their small town. The bright lights, loud noise, and the shock-wave accompanying its passing must have seemed like an act of war or terror. The unfortunate results of the fireball are the thousands of individuals wounded by shattered glass, and the cleanup that is now taking place. This is an example of the unpredictable consequence of natural disasters, which make security window film such a good investment for residential and commercial properties.

security window film Broken Glass Russia Meteor

Photo from the Baltimore Sun

Is Your Home or Business Prepared for the Next Glass Shattering Disaster?

Experts say small meteorite attacks occur every year. Fortunately for humans, most of the planet’s surface is uninhabited and we are rarely affected in the way the Chelyabinsk community was on February 15. The problem is smaller meteorites and their strike zones aren’t able to be accurately predicted. As such, you never know when our area could be next.

Security Film Could Have Protected the Victims of the Meteorite Strike

There are three ways safety and security window film products could have made a difference in the recent meteorite disaster:

  1. Security window film prevents physical harm. There were more than 1000 people injured, 200 of whom were children and 31 of whom were in serious condition, as the result of broken and shattered windows. At best, windows with security film would have kept shattered windows intact immobilizing the shards of glass and protecting individuals in affected buildings. At the least, the entire panel of security film may have been blown out but even still, the glass shards would not have been able to project into buildings and onto adjacent sidewalks and streets.
  2. Security and safety film would have reduced property damage. Property and possessions are also damaged when glass shards are blown with extreme force. Walls, furniture, furnishings, and irreplaceable art works are all susceptible. Security film would have kept shards from penetrating property.
  3. Window film can simplify the clean up. Ever tried to clean up the glass shards from a single broken window? Infinitesimal pieces can turn up for weeks and month afterwards in flooring, carpet, window coverings, furniture etc. One simple security film installation and all anyone has to do is cut the secured film out of the window and replace it with a new film – it’s that simple.

Those of us who have lived in the Bay Area for any length of time know that it’s not a matter of IF but, rather, a matter of WHEN there will be another earthquake. In our industry, window glass damage from earthquakes is one of the number one reasons we suggest that homeowners and business owners alike install security window film. The outcome of a natural disaster, such as an earthquake or gale-force winds, are rarely predictable so preparation can be the key to remaining safe, protecting the ones you love, securing your possessions, and simplifying the cleanup process.

While we don’t expect to become the victims of a meteorite strike anytime soon, one thing is for certain; the devastation from Russia’s recent meteorite event is proof that you can never be too prepared. Contact Daystar Window Tinting Inc. and make an appointment for a free consultation. We’ll make sure your home and/or business is protected from the next natural disaster.