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Window tint technologies are so much more advanced now than they ever have been, and a new company called RavenBrick come out with something that looks very exciting, and it’s something we’ll definitely be taking a look at to see if it’s something we can add to our offerings. Called Smart Window Technology, the product is window film that adapts to the temperature outside to maximize energy cost savings. If it’s a hot day outside, the tint darkens and blocks light and heat, and if it’s cold outside, the tint lightens to allow natural sunlight in. The best part – it works using some sort of advanced nanotechnology that requires no electricity to make it work.

Once installed, the window tint can be fine tuned to activate within different parameters, so that different areas of one building can have the settings customized to optimize efficiency. RavenBrick seem to have a winner here, as the Smart Window Technology has been chosen for installation in the Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Labs in Colorado.

RavenBrick Smart Window Technology Demonstration