Window films are an affordable option for lowering energy costs, increasing privacy and minimizing glare in your home or place of business. However, some clients worry about the dark, exterior tinting that is often a feature of traditional window film products. This tinting is usually the result of metallic components that have long been the mainstay of standard window film and window tinting products. However, innovative ceramic tint options are now available, which eliminate the dark tint of traditional window film and further increases the window’s ability to reject heat.
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Here are some of the bonuses of using ceramic tint window film products for your home or business.Energy savings. Solar heat gain is a major contributor to energy consumption in the home. The hotter your home or business gets, the more energy is required to cool it down. This is especially true for those of us who live on the west coast and benefit from year-round sunshine. Ceramic tint window film products help to prevent harmful UV Rays, as well as infrared rays, from penetrating through your windows and into your living or work spaces. In fact, ceramic window film will block up to 99 percent of the sun’s UV rays, and almost 60 percent of the infrared rays. These properties also protect your interior furnishings, such as carpet, art work, and furniture upholstery, from fading. In addition to minimizing solar heat gain and sun fading, ceramic window film offers additional window insulation.Low reflectivity. There are occasions where high-reflectivity is a desirable feature in commercial and residential window film, especially when our clients want privacy, or are tailoring the exterior of their building to be congruent with a modern architectural design. However, most often, our residential clients are interested in window film products that have low reflectivity, maintaining a more traditional exterior appearance. This is especially true in the older or historic residential neighborhoods throughout the Bay Area. Ceramic tint window film maintains natural tones and provides minimal reflection.

Minimize glare. Tired of closing your blinds and drapes every time you want to watch a sports game or movie in the middle of the afternoon? How many Bay Area office workers sacrifice a beautiful view because the glare from the window makes computer work impossible? With ceramic window film, you can keep your blinds and drapes open all day long and never worry about a distracting glare. Plus, all that natural light means you will cut down on lighting expenses as well.

Enjoy clarity. The durable, scratch resistant coating keeps your windows looking as clear as the day they were installed. All that is necessary to clean them is a little water, a mild detergent, and a soft cloth. It’s as simple as that.

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