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how-to-maintain-professionally-installed-residential-window-filmHome window tint or solar window film is applied to the surface of your home’s window and has very little to do with decoration. This window film is primarily used as a heat barrier. Window tint can offer several benefits and be a great addition to your home. However, you may notice that your windows are dirty and need to be cleaned over time. While the best solution is to have your windows professionally cleaned, you can choose to do-it-yourself. When you clean your window film yourself, it’s important to be very careful so you don’t scratch the film because it is notorious for scratching relatively easily. As a result, use the following tips to clean your window film so it can maintain its effectiveness.

Before Your Start

The first step is to inspect your window film. If you notice tiny air bubbles, you may want to call a professional to clean the film because they can break open and peel away if you use abrasive cleaning techniques. In any case, you should wait at least 30 days after the window tint has been installed to your glass.

Pre-Cleaning Tips

Before you begin cleaning the windows, you should run your finger across the window to check for dirt and dust in the surface. If you notice either is present, you may want to wash both sides of the window with plain water. This process will make sure you get rid of any large particles, which could scratch the window film.

Avoid Strong Chemicals

Make sure you never use anything with ammonia or other strong chemicals. When you are purchasing cleaning materials, you should read the label to make sure it doesn’t have ammonia or other harsh chemicals. Most of the harsher chemicals are notorious for reacting with the polyester material, which will cause your window film to fade, blotch, or even peal away from the glass. These chemicals will reduce the effectiveness, aesthetic value, and functionality of the window film. One of the best solutions to use to clean your tinted windows is regular dishwashing soap, soft water, and diluted vinegar.

Avoid Abrasive Materials

While many people suggest newspapers are excellent for cleaning windows, this type of abrasive material can leave unsightly scratch lines or even damaged the window film. You should also avoid using scrubbing pads, brown paper towels, or window scrapers. Instead, the best products to use to clean your windows are professional window cleaning tools, such as lint-free, extra soft fabrics.

The Cleaning Process

Once you have the right solution and materials, fill the solution in a spray bottle. Then spray the solution over a small area on the outside area of the window. Use the cloth to wipe the window in a circular motion to get rid of the fine particles. Repeat the process on the next section of window until it is clean.

Next you should dampen the cleaning cloth and clean the window to remove the remaining soap solution. Then, use a dry cloth to dab the window film until it is dry. Once you have completed this process on the outer side, you can move to the interior and use the same process with the solution, gentle wiping, and damp cloth drying.

If you are determined to DIY, the previous tips will help you ensure the job is done safely. In addition, this process will help your window film last for several years. The majority of window film manufacturers offer a warranty on the product. As a result, it’s important you follow the manufacturer’s maintenance and cleaning tips to maintain the warranty.