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Last year the real estate market saw existing home sales at the highest volume in a decade. Homeowners are increasingly looking for ways to add value to their investment as a result.

Some want to find ways to add to the comfort and enjoyment of their home. They may want to lower the impact of the rising energy costs per kilowatt hour.

Homeowners are increasingly looking to home window tinting to add to their privacy and temperature control. The benefits of window tinting include lower energy costs too.

But before you schedule that home window tinting appointment it’s important to know how to choose the best service and products. Follow this guide to make the most of your decision:

Not All Home Window Tinting is Equal

One of the best questions homeowners can ask when it comes to window tinting is how to go about finding the right products and service. Not everyone realizes there is a wide range of choices for their window tinting needs.

From the percentage of light that is allowed in, to the type of products you will use, each aspect of window tinting affects the results.

Decide on Your Goals

Every homeowner has different goals for their home window tinting project. These might include blocking out harmful UV rays to protect carpeting, furniture, and artwork in the home.

Anyone who has ever redesigned a room with many windows knows firsthand the damage the sun can do.

Your goals might include a lower energy bill. Or more privacy for your home.

Take into account the amount of light that could be reflected indoors, as well as the amount of tint you’d like to achieve to protect from the sun’s rays.

While some homeowners would like more shade, others are just hoping to protect their furnishings and possessions.

Make sure you are clear on your goals first. Window tinting isn’t a one size fits all approach.

Your trusted window tinting service and supplier can help you decide what is right for you.

UV Protection

The sun’s UV rays are strong enough to fade wooden floors and damage furniture. Many homeowners are surprised to learn that glass windows don’t protect against all UV rays.

Those UV rays are also helping to escalate energy bills for your home. The good news is that all quality window tinting products offer the same level of protection against UV rays.

You do not need to choose a darker window tint to achieve more UV protection. The darker window tints are for privacy, not UV protection.

Rest assured, with any of the best home window tinting products you will be getting the same level of UV protection, no matter the amount of tint.

Window Tinting Percentage

Even though all quality home window tinting products offer the same level of UV protection there are benefits for more shade. While you won’t get more UV protection you will get more privacy and comfort for your home.

Window tinting products are typically offered anywhere from 5% to 35%. 5% is the darkest product and 35% is the lightest.

The different levels of tint will achieve different levels of light in your rooms as well as different levels of reflected light and privacy. For homeowners looking to achieve optimum shade, 5% is a great choice.

Other homeowners who are looking to achieve UV blocking with maximum light will want to opt for something in the 35% range.

Color of Tint

In addition to the levels of tint and the various window tinting products color is also a consideration. Homeowners will want to work with their trusted professional and discuss color choices.

As with the percentage of tint, the color of the tint can affect the aesthetic value of the window tinting project.

Homeowners often choose between black tinting and chrome tint. These two colors offer different looks and reflection.

It is important to consider how things will look both indoors and out when it comes to window tinting. Your service provider can help you match a look to your architecture, design, and intentions.

Avoid Break-Ins

Did you know that window tinting can add security to your home? If intruders try to break a window, tinting can hold the shards in place and avoid a robbery.

If security is your goal make sure you tell your service. They will get you the right products for optimal security.

A Focus on Tinting

One rule of thumb that can help homeowners when it comes to window tinting is expertise. There are contractors and suppliers that add window tinting on as an ancillary service.

Or they sell products without the experience to install them. Choose a supplier and service with a focus on the window tinting industry.

Differences in Installation

Once homeowners decide the type of window tinting they would like to install it is also important to consider the installation.

While the percentage tint can affect your home improvement goals, so can the installation. The right installation will allow for energy savings, home security, home protection, and privacy,

The wrong home tinting installation won’t give you all that you need. Plus, you may just get headaches down the road.

Installation should include professional window cleaning, the best products, and experienced installation. If not, you may be risking dirt and debris causing air bubbles in your window tinting in the future.

A professional service, focused on window tinting, with experience makes the difference.

Trust the Experts

Once you know the benefits of home window tinting it is important to trust the experts. For the best selection of window tinting products and service, Daystar Window Tinting is a perfect choice.

A family-owned business with expertise in window tinting that extends back to 1976, Daystar Window Tinting helps businesses and homeowners get the most from their window tinting projects.

We will help you find the right solution for your home or business. A trusted leader, Daystar tinting works with clients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Combining the right products and installation will allow you to achieve Green goals and expect the most from your tinting project.