Are your store windows protected against the sun, weather, and burglary attempts? Even if they are, are they visually pleasing? Are your products and furniture guarded against sunlight exposure?

Take into consideration only 31% of small businesses take security measures. Couple that with the fact that burglars target businesses four times more likely than homes. Your shop is always in danger.

Are you a part of the remaining 69% with no security measures installed? If you are, it’s time you get some protection. You don’t have to buy a fancy security system if you don’t have the budget.

You can start small with commercial window tinting. Something as simple as tint can safeguard your property.

Commercial Window Tinting For Your Business

With the many window tints and films available out there, how do you choose one? Well, don’t fret. Below, we’ve got some tips on how you can pick the best tints for your business:

Aim To Lessen Energy Costs

How expensive is your business’s electricity bill? You should install a UV-blocking tint to cut those energy bills.

Anti-UV tints can help keep your establishment cool. That way, you don’t have to use the A/C as much. This is great for businesses located in areas with high temperatures.

Own a store? Retail store window tinting is a wise choice. It’s energy-efficient and it keeps everybody inside it cool and comfortable.

These window tints work by reflecting heat back outside instead of absorbing them. They also offer protection against harmful UV rays. Now, your employees can enjoy an office with natural light that still keeps them nice and cool.

Focus On Privacy And Security

Looking for ways to protect your business from both natural and unnatural forces? There are window tints designed to do that. These tints are often heavy-duty and shatter resistant.

The common security window tints act as shields against burglary, vandalism, and accidents. They are stronger, manufactured to strict performance standards. These tints and films also reduce blast hazards.

If your business is in an area where graffiti is a problem, get anti-graffiti film for your store windows. These are resistant to chemicals in spray paint. If they do get targeted, they are easy to remove and replace.

Get wild weather often? Exterior security window tints have the durability to withstand extreme weather conditions. They are great for retrofit applications, too.

According to the FBI, property crime offenses in 2017 reached an estimate of over 7.6 million. The rates are decreasing but that doesn’t mean you can get complacent. Always remember that it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Commercial Window Tinting For Comfort

How long do customers stay in your establishment? If your business is a restaurant or café, your customers need to be comfortable. If the glare and heat during high noon irritate them, they might not return to your business.

Window tinting has heat rejection that will give them protection against the heat and the glare of the sun. They will be comfortable enough to enjoy the beautiful view outside your establishment. Now, your customers won’t have to ask you to reseat them further inside your restaurant.

Take a look at your establishment from a customer’s perspective. How much natural light should enter the store or café? Should your window tinting be reflective if you have tables outside as well?

Consider Exterior And Interior Aesthetics

We can’t deny that having a customer-friendly window film is important for your business. Keeping your clients comfortable is important. Still, your commercial building window tinting has to complement the design of your establishment too.

Consider your establishment design. How thick or dark do you want the tint to be? Will adding a decorative window tinting improve it or should you add a film instead?

There are also special films and tints with color. Should you use bright, distinctive colors to catch attention? If you are unsure about your window tinting options, don’t be afraid to ask the experts for advice.

Think frosted glass will be great for the window behind the cashier? Want a cheap hack to get a window to look like stained glass? Decorative tinting can add textures and patterns into your window designs too.

Consider Sunlight Exposure

Do you sell bottled products that are sensitive to sunlight? Business window tinting will protect not only your customers and employees. It will also protect your products and furnishings.

Do you sell products that are sensitive to the sun’s heat? Does exposure to sunlight damage your products? Consider window tinting for your store.

Let’s look at your establishment. Got a carpet, painting, or draperies that fade over from sunlight exposure? Get a solar window film to protect those textile furnishings.

There are many types of solar window tinting. Neutral window films give protection but don’t change the appearance of the glass. Reflective and dual-reflective window tinting both give a mirror effect to the windows.

If you want something non-reflective, a deluxe or ceramic window film is what you are looking for. Low-E’s insulating properties can keep or reject the heat depending on the climate. There are also eco-friendly window films available.

Get Those Windows Tinted

Those are our tips and guide on picking the perfect commercial window tinting for your business.

We have one last tip for you. There might be a time when the pricing of the window tint makes or breaks the deal. Weigh your options and choices wisely.

We recommend installing commercial window tints for your business establishment. It’s a great investment and in the long run, it’s good protection. With how durable window tints are, you are less likely to keep replacing them.

Have we got you hooked yet? Our business installs window films and tints for many kinds of windows. You can come and visit us in the San Francisco Bay Area or contact us for more information.