If you are considering the application of auto window tinting, we want to share a handful of tinting benefits that go beyond aesthetics or increased interior comfort. Auto window tinting can increase driving safety, particularly by minimizing sun and headlight glare. 

5 Ways Auto Window Tinting Could Make You Safer On The Road 

Here are five ways your newly installed window tinting could increase your safety while driving. 

Minimize sun glare 

Untinted windows allow UV rays from the sun into your car or truck where they become trapped. This creates the uncomfortable heat that window tinting significantly minimizes or eliminates altogether. However, those same rays from the sun can create unbelievable glare, making it impossible to see the road or view ahead. 

Depending on where you live, the hours you commute, or the directions in which you travel to and from work and your other engagements, you can be stuck facing the sun head-on, and even the strongest sunglasses can protect you. 

Installing the right window tint can minimize that glare dramatically, which reduces your chances of getting into an accident. The auto tinting will also minimize glare that can penetrate the windshield via other reflective surfaces such as a neighboring car’s windows or a nearby building’s reflective window film.

Reduce glare or the halo effect from bright lights at night

Nighttime driving poses its own risks, including the glare from oncoming car headlights or the bright safety lights installed along roadways and around community and neighborhood centers or hotspots. The older we get, the more sensitive to these lights we can become.  

In addition to being disorienting, glaring lights or a halo effect can inhibit depth perception, making it more difficult to safely pull out of a parking lot or to turn onto a major street or highway. This nighttime glare can cause blurriness or night blindness that makes it impossible to follow key roadway signs and markers. You can wind up with a ticket, or worse, for the simple reason that you didn’t have the right auto window tinting. 

While California traffic laws set stipulations around the strength of tint used on a windshield or driver’s side windows, we can select legal auto window tints that significantly reduce the glare from bright lights. We can also install tinted films along with specific areas in the windows, such as a strip along the top several inches, that are still legal and the most likely to create a visual impediment when bright lights penetrate.

Migraine or headache relief makes for safer driving

Do you suffer from headaches or migraines? While we would all love to stay at home when one of these strikes, work, school, and parenting or caregiving responsibilities prevail. The good news is that tinted window films can relieve migraine or headache pain, which increases visibility.  

Sun and light glare are two major migraine/headache triggers. They can also make a headache worse than it already is or catalyze the beginnings of a headache into migraine-level discomfort. Auto tinting’s automatic reduction of the glare can provide a soothing buffer, which improves your physical and visual comfort and supports driving safety.

Auto window tinting also helps with shatter protection

Window tinting helps to hold broken glass together. If a rock or hard object strikes a tinted window, it is much less likely to shatter. By holding the fragments together, you and your fellow passengers are protected from cuts or scrapes from the window shards, or the potential for smaller fragments to land in your eye(s). This gives you the chance to drive to a window replacement specialist for a repair. 

Better window visibility

Many drivers worry that installing window tint will impede their visibility. In fact, most of our clients find just the opposite. Ceramic and carbon auto tinting products do an incredible job of blocking the sun or bright light glare without affecting visibility. In fact, the combination of the transparent but tinted film, along with glare reduction, leads to increased visibility. 

The more you can see, the safer you can drive, and that’s what window tinting is all about. 

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