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Window Film Protects from Ultraviolet RaysThere are many reasons to take advantage of window film technology. Installing home window tint will protect your furnishings, decor and your health. In hot weather, your house will be cooler and in cold weather your house will be warmer greatly reducing your air conditioning and home heating costs.

Sunshine will fade anything from upholstery fabric to permanently vanishing that professionally rendered Ann Kullberg colored pencil masterpiece of your kids for which you paid a pretty penny. Lets also not forget that adding film to your windows protects your home from shattering glass and can even help prevent break-ins from unwanted intruders.


Home Window Tint and Skin Protection

Back in the 1990’s the use of tinted window film began to really hit its stride, mainly being used in commercial buildings. Lately, the use of tinted windows has started to seep into the residential markets and for many of the reasons stated above.  We live in a world where security and peace of mind are becoming more and more paramount.

It is important to make home and family safe from intruders. In the area of self-health maintenance, there is no other more insidious health intruder than UV Rays. Protecting your skin is the most important safety advantage that tinted windows can offer.  It is the most important advantage of using home window tint.

The Sinister Ultra Violet Ray (UV) and Why It is NOT Your Friend

You have experienced UV rays before.  Watch any crime show when they roll in the forensic experts to look for blood—that little light that they shine to find those stains is a UV light which sounds very hip and cool if you are a forensic technician.

But on the solar spectrum, UV is a very nefarious form of invisible light and this dangerous element of UV is where home Window tint issues move to the forefront. You cannot really escape UV rays.  They can bounce off reflective surfaces, they can permeate your house and when they find you they can burn you and give you nasty things like skin cancer or even turn your skin to leather.

Tinted windows can block out 99.9 percent of UV rays in your home. This is a significant breakthrough for people who would normally be prone to diseases like skin cancer, photo-sensitivity or even Lupus not to mention reduction in skin aging. Tinted windows allow up to 80 to 90 percent of the sun’s visible light to shine through the window but efficiently shields up to 99 percent of penetration from UV rays. Keep in mind that home window tint for skin protection should be at the top of your home improvement to do list.