Do you live on a busy street? Does your master bedroom window sit a little too close to the neighbor’s house? Perhaps your business had to use a drop ceiling, or cubicle wall, against a window and you feel it detracts from your overall curb appeal? If so, Daystar Window Tinting Inc. can provide a high-quality Blackout window film, manufactured by by Hanita Tek, that will make the interior of your home or business off limits to the eyes of outsiders.

Some of the bonuses of residential and commercial Blackout window film include:

  • Complete privacy, both day and night
  • Scratch resistant interior coatings are easy to maintain, and less susceptible to damage
  • Its ability to double as a safety window film product if your glass is broken
  • It is significantly more attractive, and durable, than black paint


Here is more information regarding Hanita Tek’s Blackout film for your home or business.

Complete Daytime and Nighttime Privacy. Sometimes our customers want privacy, but not at the expense of natural light, or the view outside. In that case, we direct their attention towards more traditional home window tinting products. But when you need absolute privacy, Blackout film is the way to go. It blocks out 100% of the visible light spectrum and rejects up to 82% of the solar energy projected at your windows, which will significantly improve your building’s energy efficiency on south and west-facing windows.

Hide Unsightly Interiors
. When offices, companies, and/or residences take over industrial buildings, large windows can be a benefit and a curse. Where you want them, they are great. When you need to make interior structural changes, or use an existing window wall as a part of your storage area, it can make your interior appear unsightly from the outside. Once Blackout window film is applied, the interior of your office is no longer exposed. Passersby, guests, and/or customers will only see an opaque black window from the outside, and the interior will look exactly as you designed it.

Durable. Blackout window film has a soft, multi-ply construction with a scratch-resistant coating on the interior side. This makes it easy for windows to be cleaned without having to worry about scratching or nicking the film’s surface or compromising its integrity. To back up the durable quality of Hanita Tek’s Blackout window film, they provide a 12-year limited warranty to cover “failure of the film, including change of color, peeling, bubbling, rippling, cracking, delamination and demetalization. It includes the cost of material and labor for removal and re-installation.

Get in the Solar Zone. Blackout window films are a part of Hanita Tek’s Solar Zone program. When installed and maintained correctly, Solar Zone products can:

  • Reduce your energy bills by as much as 20%
  • Reduce your solar heat gain by as much as 80%

Together, this can make your building more sustainable, and a part of the energy efficiency solution.

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Interested in learning more about how Blackout window film products can enhance your home or business? Please contact Daystar Window Tinting Inc.. We have been working with Bay Area residents for more than three decades in order to reduce sun damage, and improve energy efficiency. One of our knowledgeable and trustworthy representatives can meet with you at your home or business to discuss which of our window tinting products will be best for your needs.