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Many home and business owners appreciate the energy savings associated with window films but are ultimately more interested in privacy. The good news is that you can enjoy all of the above – and benefit from notable tax incentives to boot. 

Let The Light Shine Thru With Privacy Window Films

Worried that darkly tinted window films, or frosted or logo options, will wind up cutting your interiors off from light or the view outside? No need to worry. Window film manufacturers work diligently to create options that support all of the end goals of privacy without losing the view. 

After nearly fifty years in the window film installation business, we know Bay Area customers have to balance maintaining their stunning views while also honoring their need for privacy. 

Here are some examples of window film products that accomplish both needs: 

Gain privacy with mirrored and tinted window films

Mirrored and tinted window films accomplish multiple goals. First, they minimize UV light rays into the building. In addition to reducing solar heat gain, which lowers cooling costs, this also prevents furnishings and art from sun fading. 

Even the darkest of tinted and mirrored window films that are used for modern design and aesthetics will still allow enough daylighting to reduce the need for interior lights during the day while maintaining a clear view of the outside world. 

Ceramic window tinting

Ceramic window tinting is rapidly replacing traditional window film products because it optimizes the most desirable window film features. 

  • Privacy. Privacy can be customized based on the level of tinting you select. Because ceramic window film uses the same thin sheets as regular film products, layered with nano-ceramic particles, it is easy to install and is safe for all window types.  
  • Security. Most of the security window films we sell also called safety film or anti-graffiti film are made from ceramic film technology. This is because those durable ceramic particles are able to hold broken or shattered glass in place, keeping the building secure until the glass can be repaired or replaced. 
  • Energy savings. If energy savings are a priority for your company and its brand, ceramic window film products are the best way to prevent solar heat gain and gaining privacy without losing your view. Most of the high-end homes and businesses around the Bay Area choose ceramic or carbon window film products when they want a tinted look that combines privacy with interior visibility. 

Frosted or decorative films

Frosted or decorative window films work for both residential home or business owners. They add an artistic design and privacy to the building (or between office spaces in a business) while still allowing some level of light transference and visibility. These are a great option for: 

  • Glass front doors 
  • Windows between offices or between public spaces and conference rooms 
  • Bathroom windows that face public exterior locations or have a neighboring window close by 
  • For a more appealing partition between rooms 

Branded window films

These days, brick-and-mortar businesses need to do all they can to advertise their products, services, offers, and contact information to the general public. Put your large window spaces to work for you by using branded window films that create an opaque and decorative look on the outside, but still allow employees and customers to see out when they are inside the building. 

You can use colors, logos, designs, and even images without sacrificing your ability to see out to your streetscape, oceanscape, or pastoral landscape. 

Protect sensitive information and data

Bay Area business owners can also gain another privacy – and that’s the privacy that comes from ensuring screen-based data or sensitive information can be blocked from sight. You can Click Here to read more about Designtex Casper Smart Window Cloak film products. Their innovative design masks screen-based digital information while still allowing both passersby and building occupants to enjoy a transparent glass experience. 

No need to sacrifice privacy at night

Those of us who live in large cities and dense urban neighborhoods are well aware of the fishbowl-like effect of nighttime and interior lights. In the past, there was no way around this. Even with heavily tinted glass, lights on gave the public of clear view into the interiors of any building. Mirrored window films helped a bit, yet they are a niche aesthetic. 

Now, professional window installers are excited to offer privacy window film that works at night. These products use unique design features, combined with lighting design, to create privacy without sacrificing your view – and prohibiting theirs.

If You Want To Gain Privacy We Can Help

Interested in learning more about how your Bay Area home or business can gain privacy without losing the view outdoors? Schedule a free consultation with Daystar. We’ve provided high-quality window film installations on Bay Area buildings for more than 40 years.