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Why install window film?

Home and business owners usually call us with one idea in mind: getting windows tinted to cool let sun in without it getting to bright or warm, even if the shades are up. But as well as keeping cooling costs down with window tinting, window film can reduce the fading of expensive furniture, keep glare off of computer screens and televisions, strengthen windows for safety and security, reduce harmful UV rays, and give privacy with reflective tints.

What is window film?

Window film is extremely thin layers of metal making up what you see as tint enclosed between two pieces of clear polyester plastic. Older films used chemical dyes to provide the “tint “. These have largely given way to the sputterized (metalized) film. Dyed window films were notorious for fading and even changing colors. Dyed films typically had 5-7-year warranties; today’s sputtered films typically have 10-year or even lifetime warranties. Modern films attach to the glass with specialized adhesives that prevent gas pockets and bubbling, even years after they are installed.

Will it peel?

Peeling, sometimes called delaminating, is not a problem with modern window film.

Will it scratch?

While not scratch-proof, today’s window tinting will not scratch easily. The should be fine even with regular cleanings. Metal or sharp edges may scratch the window film, so it is wise to use caution with scrapers and abrasive cleaners are not recommended.

Will it Bubble?

We use CPFilm’s proprietary Clear Distortion Free (CDF) adhesive technology, which is based on a chemistry that is quite different from traditional pressure-sensitive technology. Bubbling is extremely uncommon, and our customers are fully covered by generous warranties that protect you in the rare event bubbling does occur.

Are films safe for insulated (double-pane) windows?

Dual pane windows can be tinted. Daystar has many years experience with cutting edge window film technologies and can recommend the right type of window film for your project depending on what kind of windows you have.

Does Daystar have a film that controls fading and heat damage while letting maximum light into rooms?

The films that accomplish this are called spectrally selective. This is because they reject almost all of the ultraviolet light and the majority of heat that comes through the window while transmitting most of the sun’s visible light.

Will window film change the appearance of my windows?

The appearance of your windows may be affected depend on which film you choose. When you call us for a quote, we can help you decide which type of film is right for you.

Will I be able to see out at night?

The best films for this are the spectrally selective films. They only reject small amounts of light and do not reflect the lights in the room back at the viewer. Daystar has installed thousands of square feet of spectrally selective films in the Oakland/Berkeley hills and in the hills and high rise condos of San Francisco, where keeping the night view was of considerable importance.

Do I need to wash my windows prior to my window film installation?

No, Daystar installers prepare each window thoroughly prior to installation.

Does Daystar do Auto glass?

Unfortunately we don’t do tinting for automobiles.

Why use Daystar?

As the trusted source for window film in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1976, working with Daystar means the highest level of quality, service, and support from the moment you first contact us.