You can touch up your home’s interior design, and give creative abilities some more attention, with these easy and interesting DIY window treatments. From refashioning everyday home items to one-of-a-kind designs, your window treatments will become a focal point in every room.

Refashion Your Linens

You will save money, and time, by refashioning linens, like bed sheets and tea towels into new window treatments.  Take one or two old sheets. Begin by dying them to your desired color or colors. Then add in your own choice of decorative trims like pom-poms or gold leaf. Shape the new curtain using elastics to create large billows, or simply hang using curtain hooks.

For a simple, elegant look for your kitchen window, take two dish towels, some fabric dye and fabric paint, a potato cut in half with your own stamp design, and a tension rod with curtain clips. Dye your fabric, then line the bottom with your stamp design, and hang.

Curtain Tiebacks

There are many ways that you can tie back your curtains to give a room a more formal or informal appearance. Consider using vintage objects like beautiful antique doorknobs. Or, choose from items that are more personal, such as bracelets, a belt or ties, or even gold chains in the bedrooms that express the family member’s personality.

Roman Shades

If you love the look of layers of fabric, you can create the sculptured, soft and modern look of Roman shades. All you need is some fabric and tension rods to make one from scratch, or tension rods to change the look of an existing curtain.

With an existing piece of fabric that is already hung, simply decide where you want the fold. Put in the tension rod and fold the fabric over the rod. Continue to add tension rods until you have created the number of folds to create the look you desire.

Update Your Curtains

An easy way to create new curtains is to paint on graphic designs. Try taking a plain pair of curtains, and using fabric paint, add in bands on the bottom or a new decorative trim. For a valence that has lost its modern look, try using stenciled graphic patterns to update the look.

Cornice Creations

Create a fun focal point cornice treatment for your kitchen using unusual materials. For example, a faux wood look can be created using Styrofoam. Or, to create a temporary or seasonal display – like a birthday candles to celebrate a birthday or a tombstone cornice for Halloween – by designing your own cornice, and then making your creation using Styrofoam, paint, and glue to fasten to your window frame.

No-Sew Privacy Window Treatments

It doesn’t get any easier than a no-sew privacy cover you use you only when for example you want to block sunlight at specific times, but don’t need a permanent window treatment. All you need is fabric, iron on hemming tape, and two-way magnets

Buy a piece of fabric that will fit the window you wish to cover. When purchasing the fabric, add in a seam allowance on all sides, so you can hem the fabric with iron-on hemming tape to create clean lines.  Once the fabric screen is created, simply attach to the window frame using two-way magnets.