The open office concept is great in theory, but it leaves much to be desired when you need digital privacy. Designtex Casper Cloaking technology is an incredible new product designed to act as a data “smart shield.” When applied to the glass windows of your offices, conference rooms, and cubicles, LED screens inside are rendered virtually invisible to those peering in from the outside.

The Casper Cloak is applied just like any typical window film, but its innovative design and “magic” material composition block most digital screens from being viewed by anyone outside a room. If/when others look into a glass covered with the revolutionary architectural window film – all they see is a black screen.

Casper is an Invisibility Cloak for Digital Screens

To watch Casper Cloaking technology in action, check out this YouTube video. It’s amazing to see what a difference it makes when an office window is covered with Casper – and all the interior screens go…!

  • Need to update your team on the latest financials for your biggest clients? Casper keeps sensitive data under wraps.
  • Are employees using presentations to compete for the next management spot? Casper won’t let them cheat or plagiarize?
  • Are you tired of taping up and tearing down rolls of butcher paper before “top secret” meetings or demos? Casper will save the trees – and your daylighting too!

There is a myriad of ways Casper Cloaks can be used in your business:

Exterior windows

Always wanted to “let there be light,” but the worried customer or company data would be at risk from passersby who have a view into the building’s exterior windows? Now they won’t be able to see anything you don’t want them to view.

Interior glass windows and cubicle separators

It’s one thing to give a presentation in a room designed with a trendy open office, all-glass aesthetic; it’s an entirely different experience when it includes slides or screenshots of proprietary, sensitive or confidential information.

With Casper Cloak, you can present slideshows risk-free, with no need to close the curtains or mitigate the flow of natural light using blinds or bulky window treatments. Instead, Casper ensures the screens look blank to prying eyes.

In combination with decorative window film

There’s no need to choose one over the other. If you like the look of decorative window film, the Casper product line also includes a suite of graphic patterns that can be used along with the cloaking technology for the best of both worlds – attractive windows that still deny viewer a look at the screens or digital data displayed inside.

The Casper Cloak film is installed on the outside, and the decorative film design of your choice is installed on the outside – it’s a win-win.

Transparency is Everything…

The folks at Designtex said it best, “Transparency is everything, but so is confidentiality.” You’ll elevate your company to another level of trust, loyalty and brand respect when clients and colleagues understand the lengths you go to keep their information private and confidential.

Ultimately, Casper Cloaking technology provides the perfect balance of privacy and openness – making data security a priority.

Interested in learning more about how Casper Cloaking technology can be used in your office or place of business? Contact us here at DayStar Window Tinting. We’ve kept our Bay Area residential and commercial clients on the cutting edge of window film and tinting product technology since 1986.