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decorative-window-film-a-stained-glass-alternativeFor centuries, stained glass windows have graced have graced the most important buildings in the Western world. Everything from cathedrals and museums to stately homes and schools have all used them – almost to no end. At once, these serve both an artistic and a functional purpose. They are, by any definition, the epitome of what a window should accomplish. Unfortunately, they are also extremely expensive to create and install.

Interior designers and other aficionados of stained glass windows understand this last fact quite well and have developed a far more affordable alternative decorative window film. While not an absolutely perfect replacement for a real stained-glass window, decorative window film is a very affordable alternative. Here is why:

  • It looks remarkably good – Decorative window film can be as simple as a uniform frosted glass through monochromatic crosshatching to a complicated and colorful stained glass replica. Properly installed, the effect can be quite stunning and realistic-looking. The decorative film adds elegance to front doors and their sidelights, interior glass doors – like those entering a library – and even the shower walls in your master bathroom if you are so inclined. In short, it is an excellent way to add value – both aesthetic and financial – to any room in your home.
  • It is extremely durable – Typically made from the synthetic resin polyester –  a compound renowned for its dimensional stability, tensile strength and clarity – decorative window film can also receive a number of surfaces applied or embedded treatments. The result is a scratch-resistant finish that also enhances the strength of the glass substrate itself. In other words, decorative films can also be to create “safety glass” in areas where breakage from a heavy impact might be dangerous such as a pool house or a child’s room. Additionally, this feature can also prevent intruders from entering your property when the glass is broken.
  • It is also functional – Traditional windows – even stained glass ones – often allow outsiders to see into a home. Decorative film can be produced that affords privacy but also allows a large amount of light into a room. in short, it provides the best of both worlds. In addition, decorative window film is completely smooth. This means that it does not accumulate dirt and grime in recessed areas and makes it far easier to clean than real stained glass. Finally, decorative window film blocks harmful UV rays from infiltrating your home and also protects against passive solar heat gain. All in all, a pretty impressive product.
  • Finally, it is truly affordable – Compared to the cost of a real stain-glass window, decorative film is an absolute bargain. There really is no comparison between the two. As artwork, the cost of designing, creating and installing a stained glass window can strain the budget of almost anyone short of a millionaire. On a more modest level, the cost of a mass-produced stained glass window can regularly stretch into the thousands of dollars. Decorative window film, on the other hand, can be installed for much much less.

There are many things – some fairly obvious and some less apparent – to consider before installing a decorative film window. In the long run, it pays to seek professional guidance before proceeding. For more information on the benefits of decorative window films, please contact us at Daystar Window Tinting Inc..