Losing and gaining heat through windows is responsible for 25%–30% of your home’s energy use. That is a big percentage of your monthly energy bill that is wasted.

And, it also means that your AC and furnace has to work harder to keep your home at the set temperature. But is new windows the answer?

Read on to learn why UV window film may be a better choice for making your windows energy efficient.

What is UV Window Film?

The glass on windows lets in light from the sun. But it also allows heat to enter your home.

As a result, you may spend more money to cool your home. Or you might have some rooms in the house that you can’t get to stay at a good temperature.

Modern UV window films are made of fine layers of metal between sheets of clear polyester plastic. They let light in but reflect the infrared energy back out.

Unlike films of the past, today’s film for windows do not bubble, peel or change colors.

Benefits of Windows Film

There are several reasons why you would choose to have solar film installed in your home or office. Here are a few.

Protect Your Possessions From Fading

UV window film can block up to 99% of UV rays. That means that your floors, curtains, and furniture will be protected from the bleaching effects of the sun.

Reduce Glare

With untreated windows, you can get a glare on your TV or computer screens during the day.

Most people shut or tilt their blinds if they have them. But if you enjoy the daylight and need to look at a screen, home window film is the perfect solution.

The solar film will reduce the glare that interferes with you seeing your screen.

Prevent Winter Heat Loss

During the cold months, you can lose your warm through windows. That’s because untreated windows don’t reflect your heat back into your home.

Solar film on your windows keeps your heat inside during winter. This will mean a warm room and significant savings on your heating bill.

Prevent Hot Spots

Have you ever sat on a couch that sits in front of your window in the summer? If you have untreated windows, chances are the couch is hot to the touch.

Especially if you have South or West-facing windows that get the hot afternoon soon. 

PUtting film on windows will get rid of those hot spots near the windows. This will also help you use less A/C to cool your home.

Better for the Environment

A glass bottle can take a million years to decompose in a landfill. Imagine how long a window would take. 

Installing film for windows in your house is greener than window replacement. You won’t have to send your current windows and frames to the landfill. Yet, you can still get the many benefits of treated windows.

Best for Newer Windows

If your windows are relatively new but are still not energy-efficient, home window film is a great option.

You’ll be able to let light in, keep UV rays out, and save money on heating and cooling your home. 

Good For When You Can’t Replace Windows

Sometimes, you can’t replace a window even if you want to. Heritage homes and preservation bylaws may prohibit you from changing your windows.

UV window film can help preserve the natural look of the vintage windows while still giving you the energy efficiency you need.

Less Expensive than Replacement Windows

One of the biggest benefits of window films is that they cost just a fraction of the price of replacing a window.

Installation is easy and takes a lot less time than replacing a window.

When New Windows Is a Better Option

There are some instances when window replacement makes more sense than installing solar film.

Though UV window film can be installed on all types of windows, if your windows have structural issues, you should replace them. Solar film can only do so much if there are problems with the integrity of the window

Repairs to windows can be expensive. Sometimes it’s not worth repairing a window when it is better to replace it with a better one. 

Could Void Warranty if Choose the Wrong Film 

Some light-absorbing films also cause the room to get overly dark. 

You will need to use a lot of indoor light to brighten the room. That will cause your energy bill to go up. That’s the opposite of the point of installing energy-efficient window films.

Modern window films are practically invisible from the inside. That means that you can brighten the room without artificial lights. Yet, keep treated air in UV rays out.

When installing UV film on double-pane windows, you could void your warranty.

Certain types of window film absorb solar rays instead of reflecting it. These films would get hot and also heat up the window glass.

Heated glass can break the glass or the factory seal. If this happens, your window will need to be replaced.

And, if your windows are new, the company will not honor the warranty because the film caused the problem.

These are is one of the main reasons you should avoid DIY home window films. Always make sure you understand how a film for windows works before you purchase it. 

Final Thoughts on UV Window Film Vs Window Replacement

Thanks for reading. As you can see there are many reasons why choosing to have professional UV window film installed on your windows.

Modern technology makes today’s film unlike the window film of years gone by. You can expect a long or even lifetime warranty on your solar film.

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