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Relax Into Quiet With Soundproof Window Film

Relax Into Quiet With Soundproof Window Film

The convenience, culture, and benefits of Bay Area city life are wonderful, but they come at the price of continuous noise pollution. Now, technological advancements in window film have created a way to block out a majority of those outside decibels so you can relax in peace, focus, work more efficiently, enjoy better sleep.

Soundproof Window Film Is Good For Your Health 

Multiple studies have shown a correlation between city dwellers and how constant noise pollution negatively impacts

Preparing Your Home’s Windows For Window Film Installation

Preparing Your Home’s Windows For Window Film Installation

California has one of the highest electricity rates, making it one of the priciest states to live in. In January 2019, residential rates averaged 18.32 cents per kilowatt-hour.

Granted, Californians use the least amount of electricity (6,536 kWh per person in 2016). But that still means each consumer pays almost $1,200 a year for electricity alone!

So, it’s no wonder that the state was the first ever to include window film use into its building code. And it’s …

Which To Choose: UV Window Film Or Window Replacement

Which To Choose: UV Window Film Or Window Replacement

Losing and gaining heat through windows is responsible for 25%–30% of your home’s energy use. That is a big percentage of your monthly energy bill that is wasted.

And, it also means that your AC and furnace has to work harder to keep your home at the set temperature. But is new windows the answer?

Read on to learn why UV window film may be a better choice for making your windows energy efficient.

What is UV Window Film?

The glass …

DIY Window Covering Ideas

DIY Window Covering Ideas

You can touch up your home’s interior design, and give creative abilities some more attention, with these easy and interesting DIY window treatments. From refashioning everyday home items to one-of-a-kind designs, your window treatments will become a focal point in every room.

Refashion Your Linens

You will save money, and time, by refashioning linens, like bed sheets and tea towels into new window treatments.  Take one or two old sheets. Begin by dying them to your desired color or colors. …

Why is Old Window Glass Wavy?


In this modern day, many people may not have noticed that window glass is that different from the past. For some who still love the antiquity, people usually ask why old window glass is wavy.

If you happen to have one old window, try putting it beside a modern glass window. You will see that the old one distorts the image behind the glass with waves and ripples while the modern window glass is simply clear. Today, we will take …

The Glass Guide: The Types of Glass

types of glass

If you plan on getting your windows tinted, it’s helpful to know what glass is, where it comes from and how it is manufactured. Some people may assume glass – which comprises a broad variety of types of glass – is a modern invention, not realizing that it’s been around for centuries. Although nature generates glass from volcanoes, the kind of glass we use today is processed from various minerals as the following describes.

Melted Minerals

The main ingredients …