Privacy Window Film


Window film can give homeowners a few practical and lifestyle benefits that, once they’ve installed a quality window film, homeowners won’t want to live without.

If you’ve ever wanted to let in more natural light without opening your room up to heat gain and glare, then window film might be an elegant solution.

In practical terms, window film can make your home more energy efficient and lead to less heat gain from a window facing the sun during those sweltering …

How Long Will Professionally Installed Window Film Last?

how-long-will-professionally-installed-window-film-lastWindow film can increase your energy efficiency, reduce glare, and prevent harmful UV rays from fading your furniture and carpeting. If you’re considering tinted windows, you may be wondering how long you can expect this film to last. The good news is that with proper care, window film can last for a number of years.

Warranty Period

The biggest thing that will determine how long your film lasts is the quality of film you choose. Some manufacturers offer up to …

How To Maintain Professionally Installed Residential Window Film

how-to-maintain-professionally-installed-residential-window-filmHome window tint or solar window film is applied to the surface of your home’s window and has very little to do with decoration. This window film is primarily used as a heat barrier. Window tint can offer several benefits and be a great addition to your home. However, you may notice that your windows are dirty and need to be cleaned over time. While the best solution is to have your windows professionally cleaned, you can choose to do-it-yourself. …

Window Tinting and Fading Furnishings

window-tinting-and-fading-furnishingsEveryone loves hot sunny days, but those bright rays of sunshine can easily cause permanent damage to fabrics, furnishings, drapes, works of art and wood floors in the home. Residential window tinting / film can prevent damage to your furniture by filtering out the harmful UV rays, allowing you to enjoy natural light in the home without experiencing deterioration to your belongings.

Sunlight Causes Fading to Furnishings

You can check whether sunlight has caused damage to your interior if you …

The Elements Effects on Window Film and Tinting

the-elements-effects-on-window-film-and-tintingIn general, window film is polyester based and is applied to glass surfaces to reduce the heat intake of homes and buildings. Commercial and residential window film is used to add another dimension of appeal to buildings. In addition, these films provide protection from shattering glass and offers building owners and occupants several other benefits. However, as time passes, the effectiveness of your window film does change. The following information explains a few of those changes and what you can …

Clear Window Film 101

clear-window-tinting-101Clear window film is a surprisingly useful and powerful way to adjust, reinforce, or update your existing windows. Surprisingly it is also far more economical than replacing your windows entirely, and the nature of clear window film means it can be easily applied to different places from the home to vehicles to the business. Let’s take a look at what exactly clear window film is and what some of its various uses are.

What is Window Film?

Well, there’s a …