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New Window Tint Changes to Automatically Depending on Temperature

Window tint technologies are so much more advanced now than they ever have been, and a new company called RavenBrick come out with something that looks very exciting, and it’s something we’ll definitely be taking a look at to see if it’s something we can add to our offerings. Called Smart Window Technology, the product is window film that adapts to the temperature outside to maximize energy cost savings. If it’s a hot day outside, the tint darkens and blocks …

Key Terms in Window Film

Here’s a list of key terms you might come across when researching window film and tinting:


The chemical layer that serves to bind a window film to glass or other smooth surface. Solutia’s Performance Films division offers a variety of such adhesives to serve different product needs. CDF (clear, distortion free), HPR (a pressure-sensitive adhesive called “high performance resin,” generally for automotive films and a few architectural products), PS (“pressure sensitive,” high impact, high peel-strength, generally for safety/security films), …