HanitaTek Blackout Window Film

Do you live on a busy street? Does your master bedroom window sit a little too close to the neighbor’s house? Perhaps your business had to use a drop ceiling, or cubicle wall, against a window and you feel it detracts from your overall curb appeal? If so, Daystar Window Tinting Inc. can provide a high-quality Blackout window film, manufactured by by Hanita Tek, that will make the interior of your home or business off limits to the eyes …

Window Tinting Products: Understanding the Pros and Cons

As more homeowners are looking for green building and energy saving solutions for their home, we’re seeing an increased interest in residential and commercial window tinting products. Anyone who has had their car windows tinted knows what a difference tinting can make, especially on a sunny day. Even a moderate decrease in UV penetration can provide a noticeable decrease in temperature. Window film can also be purchased for additional benefits such as privacy, decoration, and/or safety. But to be

How Does Home Window Tint Affect Your View?

Window TintFor many homeowners considering placing tint on their windows, one of the big concerns they may have is how will installing a home window tint affects their view. And let’s face it – if you have a huge window overlooking an amazing view of the ocean or an incredible mountain landscape, the last thing you want is something that is going to impede it.

Thanks to advances in technology, today’s home window tints can provide a number of positive attributes …

The Difference Between Home and Car Window Film

While both car window tint and home window film may be manufactured similarly and be used for a lot of the same reasons, there are some important differences.

Window Tint FilmAccording to the International Window Film Association, in its simplest sense the films used for car window tint and home window film are composted of a polyester substrate with one side a scratch-resistant coating and the other an adhesive layer with removable liner. The liner is removed and the film is …

Window Film for Privacy and Protection: A Popular Solution

When it comes to your home or office, you may want an increased level of privacy in certain areas, which curtains or blinds can’t seem to provide. An alternative to these traditional go-to solutions is tinted window film for privacy.

Popular Types of Window Film for Privacy

The most popular trend in window film for privacy purposes is the frosted window film. The beauty of this type of window film is that it provides a high level of …

Home Window Tint for Skin Protection

Window Film Protects from Ultraviolet RaysThere are many reasons to take advantage of window film technology. Installing home window tint will protect your furnishings, decor and your health. In hot weather, your house will be cooler and in cold weather your house will be warmer greatly reducing your air conditioning and home heating costs.

Sunshine will fade anything from upholstery fabric to permanently vanishing that professionally rendered Ann Kullberg colored pencil masterpiece of your kids for which you paid a pretty penny. Lets also not …