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Window Tinting and Fading Furnishings

window-tinting-and-fading-furnishingsEveryone loves hot sunny days, but those bright rays of sunshine can easily cause permanent damage to fabrics, furnishings, drapes, works of art and wood floors in the home. Residential window tinting / film can prevent damage to your furniture by filtering out the harmful UV rays, allowing you to enjoy natural light in the home without experiencing deterioration to your belongings.

Sunlight Causes Fading to Furnishings

You can check whether sunlight has caused damage to your interior if you …

The Elements Effects on Window Film and Tinting

the-elements-effects-on-window-film-and-tintingIn general, window film is polyester based and is applied to glass surfaces to reduce the heat intake of homes and buildings. Commercial and residential window film is used to add another dimension of appeal to buildings. In addition, these films provide protection from shattering glass and offers building owners and occupants several other benefits. However, as time passes, the effectiveness of your window film does change. The following information explains a few of those changes and what you can …

Clear Window Film 101

clear-window-tinting-101Clear window film is a surprisingly useful and powerful way to adjust, reinforce, or update your existing windows. Surprisingly it is also far more economical than replacing your windows entirely, and the nature of clear window film means it can be easily applied to different places from the home to vehicles to the business. Let’s take a look at what exactly clear window film is and what some of its various uses are.

What is Window Film?

Well, there’s a …

Will Window Tint Kill My Plants?

When looking to update and improve your home to raise not just value but its visual appeal, the rising cost of living means that you’re probably just as keen to explore upgrades that have the potential to cut your household bills as much as improve the look of your home.  The real worry for many homeowners at present is the rising cost of keeping warm in winter and cool in summer.  Central heating and air conditioning costs are staggering, and …

Tips for Installing Self Adhesive Window Film

We’ll be honest; we don’t recommend using self-adhesive window film. Why? Because for almost three decades, we have gone into homes and businesses to perform a professional window film installation job after our client’s self adhesive window film was uneven, bubbled, wrinkled, yellowed, or didn’t perform as expected. If you are serious about having a high-quality window film installation to increase privacy, provide safety and security, enhance your building’s energy efficiency, or to add decorative appeal, we recommend investing in 

Vinyl Window Film Provides Privacy, Security, Energy Efficiency

Vinyl window film is an affordable and effective way to enhance privacy, security and energy efficiency in your home or business. While many products are sold as “DIY Window Film” products, we’ve seen time and time again that it takes professional products, installed by professional people, to optimize window film’s look and function.

Vinyl window film is a thin, customized layer that is installed on the interior surface of the window. If you’re in the middle of a new construction …