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When Is It Time To Replace Your Old Windows?

When Is It Time To Replace Your Old Windows?

Old windows pose multiple problems for Bay Area home and business owners. First and foremost, they’ll make it harder to feel comfortable indoors because outdated or damaged windows keep your interiors colder during the winter and hotter during the summer.  

Perhaps, more importantly, is the reality that old windows mean wasted energy and higher energy bills, not to mention posing risks to your building in terms of moisture issues, mold, and mildew growth, or poor indoor air quality. 


The Science Behind Window Tinting

The Science Behind Window Tinting

Window tinting may look cool, or help to modernize the look of a car, truck, or service vehicle, or your home and business. However, there is a science behind window tinting, how it works, and why its benefits can improve the quality of your life.

Science And Window Tinting

Window tinting blocks UV rays 

First and foremost, window tinting was designed to block ultraviolet (UV) rays. In addition to hurting your eyes, causing headaches/migraines (more

Relax Into Quiet With Soundproof Window Film

Relax Into Quiet With Soundproof Window Film

The convenience, culture, and benefits of Bay Area city life are wonderful, but they come at the price of continuous noise pollution. Now, technological advancements in window film have created a way to block out a majority of those outside decibels so you can relax in peace, focus, work more efficiently, and enjoy better sleep.

Soundproof Window Film Is Good For Your Health 

Multiple studies have shown a correlation between city dwellers and how constant noise pollution negatively 

Window Tinting Installation: 8 Reasons You Should Hire A Pro

Window Tinting Installation: 8 Reasons You Should Hire A Pro

Window tinting is a specific type of window treatment that changes the shade of the window’s glass, reducing the amount of sunlight that can enter your home. Window tinting installation consists of applying a film directly onto the glass.

Knowing some of the largest benefits of tinted windows makes it easier for you to decide if they are the right choice for your property.

Proper Window Tinting Installation

Different types of window tinting will have a different application process. Most …

Designtex Casper Smart Window Cloak Hides Your Screens

Designtex Casper Smart Window Cloak Hides Your Screens

The open office concept is great in theory, but it leaves much to be desired when you need digital privacy. Designtex Casper Cloaking technology is an incredible new product designed to act as a data “smart shield.” When applied to the glass windows of your offices, conference rooms, and cubicles, LED screens inside are rendered virtually invisible to those peering in from the outside.

The Casper Cloak is applied just like any typical window film, but its innovative design and …

Can Blackout Windows Help You Sleep Better?

Can Blackout Windows Help You Sleep Better?

Lack of sleep has been labeled a national epidemic in North America. While the average recommended sleep each night is 9 hours, Americans are getting 7 on average. It may not seem like much of a difference, but it’s impacting our general health.

From our cognitive function to diabetes and obesity, we are losing and gaining all the wrong things.

There is a lot of speculation as to why this is happening. Some blame technology and social media. Others say …

6 Reasons Why You Should Install Reflective Window Film

6 Reasons Why You Should Install Reflective Window Film

Window film is becoming a popular alternative to replacing older windows. It is significantly more affordable than full window replacement, which can cost thousands of dollars. In fact, well-sealed dual pane windows with professional reflective window film will dramatically improve the energy efficiency of your residential home or commercial building. Your window film is also eligible for energy-saving rebates.

reflective window film

Here are 7 reasons why you should install reflective window film.

  1. Lower solar heat gain. Reflective window film can go
Winter Window Tinting: Everything You Need To Know

Winter Window Tinting: Everything You Need To Know

While San Fransisco has some of the better weather in the country, our temperatures still dip often down below 50 degrees Fahrenheit during the winter months.

And with a cold snap, we all know they can go lower than that.

Couple this with the higher-than-average natural gas and electricity costs around the Bay Area and you have the recipe for some seriously outrageous energy bills.

Though there’s not terribly much you can do. Gas and electric cost what they cost, …

Window Tinting vs Window Treatments

Window Tinting vs Window Treatments

When decorating your home, one of the big design choices you’ll need to make is how to block the sun and preserve privacy. There are several routes you can take when it comes to window treatments. The traditional route is to use blinds and curtains to accessorize the room, keep the heat of the sun out, and prevent the neighbors from peering in. An alternative option is to use window tinting film, an ingenious invention that is applied directly to …

DIY Window Covering Ideas

DIY Window Covering Ideas

You can touch up your home’s interior design, and give creative abilities some more attention, with these easy and interesting DIY window treatments. From refashioning everyday home items to one-of-a-kind designs, your window treatments will become a focal point in every room.

Refashion Your Linens

You will save money, and time, by refashioning linens, like bed sheets and tea towels into new window treatments.  Take one or two old sheets. Begin by dying them to your desired color or colors. …

Why is Old Window Glass Wavy?


In this modern day, many people may not have noticed that window glass is that different from the past. For some who still love the antiquity, people usually ask why old window glass is wavy.

If you happen to have one old window, try putting it beside a modern glass window. You will see that the old one distorts the image behind the glass with waves and ripples while the modern window glass is simply clear. Today, we will take …

The Glass Guide: The Types of Glass

types of glass

If you plan on getting your windows tinted, it’s helpful to know what glass is, where it comes from and how it is manufactured. Some people may assume glass – which comprises a broad variety of types of glass – is a modern invention, not realizing that it’s been around for centuries. Although nature generates glass from volcanoes, the kind of glass we use today is processed from various minerals as the following describes.

Melted Minerals

The main ingredients …

Shapes, Styles and Names of New Home Windows!

new home windowsWindows are one of the best ways to allow natural light into your home during the daylight hours or let a cool breeze wash over your home. There are a lot of styles to choose from – from more traditional styles to thoroughly modern appointments – and picking the right style will go a long way toward creating the home of your dreams.

New Windows for Your Home 

Whether you’re redesigning or beginning from scratch in a new home, new …

Common Residential Window Film Terms


Window film and tinting can do so much for your home. It can increase your home’s value, protect your home from harmful rays and can keep those outside from seeing in. While there are many reasons to have residential window tinting and film installed, to derive the most benefit and to help get the right tinting for your home, it is necessary to understand some of the basic terminology. By understanding the basics terms, it is easier for your to …

How is Window Film Tinted?


Glass was first used by the Roman Empire in 100 A.D. in houses and was in the 12th-century glazing was invented to cut down the glare of the sun. Fast forward to the 1960’s where window film was developed for its transparent benefits. This tinted film today is applied to vehicles, homes, and office buildings for a bit of privacy and to let light in while keeping destructive U.V. rays out. But, have you ever wondered how window film is …

Factors to Consider when Choosing the Best Window Tinting


Whether you go for a modern look with clean lines and clear surfaces or opt for the traditional features, there is one area of your home that often isn’t sitting quite right – the window coverings.

Traditional curtains can be either too dark or let in too much light, blinds can feel too impersonal, while leaving the windows uncovered just isn’t an option. However, another option could allow you to choose lighter curtains or blinds, or even leave your windows …

How Long Will Professionally Installed Window Film Last?

how-long-will-professionally-installed-window-film-lastWindow film can increase energy efficiency, reduce glare, and prevent harmful UV rays from fading your furniture and carpeting. If you’re considering tinted windows, you may wonder how long you can expect this film to last. The good news is that window film can last for several years with proper care.

Warranty Period

The biggest thing that will determine how long your film lasts is the quality of the film you choose. Some manufacturers offer up to a 30-year warranty, …

How To Maintain Professionally Installed Residential Window Film

how-to-maintain-professionally-installed-residential-window-filmHome window tint or solar window film is applied to the surface of your home’s window and has very little to do with decoration. This window film is primarily used as a heat barrier. Window tint can offer several benefits and be a great addition to your home. However, you may notice that your windows are dirty and need to be cleaned over time. While the best solution is to have your windows professionally cleaned, you can choose to do-it-yourself. …

Window Tinting and Fading Furnishings

window-tinting-and-fading-furnishingsEveryone loves hot sunny days, but those bright rays of sunshine can easily cause permanent damage to fabrics, furnishings, drapes, works of art and wood floors in the home. Residential window tinting / film can prevent damage to your furniture by filtering out the harmful UV rays, allowing you to enjoy natural light in the home without experiencing deterioration to your belongings.

Sunlight Causes Fading to Furnishings

You can check whether sunlight has caused damage to your interior if you …

Clear Window Film 101

clear-window-tinting-101Clear window film is a surprisingly useful and powerful way to adjust, reinforce, or update your existing windows. Surprisingly it is also far more economical than replacing your windows entirely, and the nature of clear window film means it can be easily applied to different places from the home to vehicles to the business. Let’s take a look at what exactly clear window film is and what some of its various uses are.

What is Window Film?

Well, there’s a …

Will Window Tint Kill My Plants?

When looking to update and improve your home to raise not just value but its visual appeal, the rising cost of living means that you’re probably just as keen to explore upgrades that have the potential to cut your household bills as much as improve the look of your home.  The real worry for many homeowners at present is the rising cost of keeping warm in winter and cool in summer.  Central heating and air conditioning costs are staggering, and …

One Way Glass Film for Commercial or Residential Applications

One way glass film is a type of privacy window film that can be used to prevent those on one side of a window from being able to see through to the other side of the window. This type of privacy window film is commonly used for both residential and commercial applications to gain privacy from the outside world. However, it can also be used internally for offices, warehouses, and other commercial applications to create a one way glass film

Tips for Installing Self Adhesive Window Film

We’ll be honest; we don’t recommend using self-adhesive window film. Why? Because for almost three decades, we have gone into homes and businesses to perform a professional window film installation job after our client’s self adhesive window film was uneven, bubbled, wrinkled, yellowed, or didn’t perform as expected. If you are serious about having a high-quality window film installation to increase privacy, provide safety and security, enhance your building’s energy efficiency, or to add decorative appeal, we recommend investing in 

Maximize Window Clarity and Heat Rejection with Ceramic Tint

Window films are an affordable option for lowering energy costs, increasing privacy and minimizing glare in your home or place of business. However, some clients worry about the dark, exterior tinting that is often a feature of traditional window film products. This tinting is usually the result of metallic components that have long been the mainstay of standard window film and window tinting products. However, innovative ceramic tint options are now available, which eliminate the dark tint of traditional window

Window Tinting Prices: What You Need to Know

Even though summer’s officially coming to an end, we’re happy to say the calls for residential window tinting still pour in. Tinted window film is an effective way to increase the energy savings in your home, while protecting home furnishings, diminishing harsh glares, and gaining a bit of privacy. As you begin to collect quotes for whole-home window tinting, there are a few things you need to know in order to choose a professional window tinting company that is providing …

Will Moisture Trapped in Window Film Damage Windows?

Have you noticed that moisture is trapped in your window film? If so, there is probably no cause for worry. Commercial and residential window film or window tinting is an affordable way to to gain significant cost-saving benefits such as reduced energy bills, increased privacy, and to protect your home or business from sun glare. Professional window film installation is the only way to guarantee your window film is installed correctly. Even so, your windows may experience small pockets of …

Window Tinting in High Rise Condos

Solar glare is a problem for any multi-windowed building, but high rise condos are especially susceptible. Not only is there less to block or filter sunlight in upper stories, but the reflective sun glare from cars, windows, and surrounding surfaces increases sun glare even further. In addition to glare reduction, window tinting in high rise condos will also help to reduce energy consumption, increase your privacy, and enhance security.

Reduce the glare.

Residents of high rise condos can experience …

HanitaTek Blackout Window Film

Do you live on a busy street? Does your master bedroom window sit a little too close to the neighbor’s house? Perhaps your business had to use a drop ceiling, or cubicle wall, against a window and you feel it detracts from your overall curb appeal? If so, Daystar Window Tinting Inc. can provide a high-quality Blackout window film, manufactured by by Hanita Tek, that will make the interior of your home or business off limits to the eyes …

How Does Window Tint Affect Your View?

Window TintFor many homeowners considering placing tint on their windows, one of the significant concerns they may have is how will installing a home window tint affects their view. And let’s face it – if you have a huge window overlooking a fantastic ocean view or an incredible mountain landscape, the last thing you want is something that will impede it.

Thanks to technological advances, today’s home window tints can provide several positive attributes to your home without sacrificing what you …

Window Film for Privacy and Protection: A Popular Solution

When it comes to your home or office, you may want an increased level of privacy in certain areas, which curtains or blinds can’t seem to provide. An alternative to these traditional go-to solutions is tinted window film for privacy.

Popular Types of Window Film for Privacy

The most popular trend in window film for privacy purposes is frosted window film. The beauty of this type of window film is that it provides a high level of privacy, …

Home Window Tint for Skin Protection

Window Film Protects from Ultraviolet RaysThere are many reasons to take advantage of window film technology. Installing home window tint will protect your furnishings, decor and your health. In hot weather, your house will be cooler and in cold weather your house will be warmer greatly reducing your air conditioning and home heating costs.

Sunshine will fade anything from upholstery fabric to permanently vanishing that professionally rendered Ann Kullberg colored pencil masterpiece of your kids for which you paid a pretty penny. Lets also not …

Window Tint Curing: How Long Does it Take?

This is a question we get all the time. Window tint curing, or drying, generally takes a week, but can take as long as a month in rare cases. You should avoid excessively touching or cleaning the window film surface for the first 48 hours after install.

Window tint curing varies from product to product, and depends on the type of material used in the particular film you’re having installed. For instance you may expect metalized film will take longer …

Key Terms in Window Film

Here’s a list of key terms you might come across when researching window film and tinting:


The chemical layer that serves to bind a window film to glass or other smooth surface. Solutia’s Performance Films division offers a variety of such adhesives to serve different product needs. CDF (clear, distortion free), HPR (a pressure-sensitive adhesive called “high performance resin,” generally for automotive films and a few architectural products), PS (“pressure sensitive,” high impact, high peel-strength, generally for safety/security films), …