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Designtex Casper Smart Window Cloak Hides Your Screens

Designtex Casper Smart Window Cloak Hides Your Screens

The open office concept is great in theory, but it leaves much to be desired when you need digital privacy. Designtex Casper Cloaking technology is an incredible new product designed to act as a data “smart shield.” When applied to the glass windows of your offices, conference rooms and cubicles, LED screens inside are rendered virtually invisible to those peering in from the outside.

The Casper Cloak is applied just like any typical window film, but its innovative design and …

One Way Glass Film for Commercial or Residential Applications

One way glass film is a type of privacy window film that can be used to prevent those on one side of a window from being able to see through to the other side of the window. This type of privacy window film is commonly used for both residential and commercial applications to gain privacy from the outside world. However, it can also be used internally for offices, warehouses, and other commercial applications to create a one way glass film