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Vinyl Window Film Provides Privacy, Security, Energy Efficiency

Vinyl window film is an affordable and effective way to enhance privacy, security and energy efficiency in your home or business. While many products are sold as “DIY Window Film” products, we’ve seen time and time again that it takes professional products, installed by professional people, to optimize window film’s look and function.

Vinyl window film is a thin, customized layer that is installed on the interior surface of the window. If you’re in the middle of a new construction …

Prepare for the Next Meterorite Strike with Security Window Film

“Many of those wounded in the city of Chelyabinsk, 900 miles east of Moscow, were hit by broken glass when the shockwave smashed thousands of windows. At least 31 people were reported to be seriously injured and close to 200 children were among those hurt.” –The Independent

It’s hard to imagine the thoughts and fears that raced through the minds of Chelyabinsk residents when the nearly 10-ton meteor shot by their small town. The bright lights, loud noise, and …

Stop Smash and Grab with Security Window Film

There isn’t much a home security alarm system can do when it comes to smash and grab burglaries. However, security window film is especially designed to prevent your home or business from becoming the next crime scene. Criminals couldn’t care less about setting off your alarm or being caught on camera. They are often armed, disguised, and count on their speed and accuracy to get them away from the crime scene with handfuls – or armfuls – of your valuables. …

Shatterproof Window Film and Firefighters

Can this Fireman Get Through Your Shatterproof Windows?One of the reasons why a home, business or car owner may decide to place a film on their windows is to help make the window glass more resilient against shattering. If the glass window is struck and breaks, instead of shattering into flying pieces the shatterproof window film keeps the pieces together.

Shatterproof window film can help protect windows from anything that may cause them to shatter – an intruder’s advances, a flyaway baseball, debris flying from a storm, …