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Stop Smash and Grab with Security Window Film

There isn’t much a home security alarm system can do when it comes to smash and grab burglaries. However, security window film is especially designed to prevent your home or business from becoming the next crime scene. Criminals couldn’t care less about setting off your alarm or being caught on camera. They are often armed, disguised, and count on their speed and accuracy to get them away from the crime scene with handfuls – or armfuls – of your valuables. …

Shatterproof Window Film and Firefighters

Can this Fireman Get Through Your Shatterproof Windows?One of the reasons why a home, business or car owner may decide to place a film on their windows is to help make the window glass more resilient against shattering. If the glass window is struck and breaks, instead of shattering into flying pieces the shatterproof window film keeps the pieces together.

Shatterproof window film can help protect windows from anything that may cause them to shatter – an intruder’s advances, a flyaway baseball, debris flying from a storm, …