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A Brief History of Window Film


The concept of widow film can be traced to the 1960’s, when it was mainly used to control solar heating in cars. Window film was found to be capable of reflecting solar radiation back from a window, thereby preventing the inside surfaces from warming up, after being hit by direct sunlight. In so doing, they still allowed sufficient vision.

Window film was originally transparent. However, with the growing demand for privacy and aesthetic value, window film has since evolved to …

Window Film vs Window Tinting


From reduced glare to lower energy bills, professional window tinting and window film both bring a number of benefits to homeowners in Northern California. The choice between film and tinting depends largely on personal preference, so as you weigh your options, be sure to consider what it is you want to get out of your windows.

Residential Window Tinting

Though window tinting is more common in commercial settings than in residential areas, there’s no reason why homes can’t also reap …