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Privacy Window Film

Creating Privacy in the Bathroom with Window Film

Creating Privacy in the Bathroom with Window Film

One room in the home that everyone usually agrees requires a higher level of privacy from the outside world is the bathroom. When you want to ensure more privacy for your bathroom, one excellent option is privacy residential window film.

How it works

Window film is applied on your windows, usually from the inside, using a mounting solution. When applied by professionals, the film is measured and cut to the size of your window, the solution and tinting film …

Privacy Window Film That Works At Night: Does It Work?

Privacy Window Film That Works At Night: Does It Work?

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We get asked about this a lot, so upfront we want to be clear:

There is no window film solution for total privacy that allows you to see out at night but doesn’t allow anyone to see in. The only solution for true privacy is opaque window film which will block the view both ways.

Dual-reflective window films can offer some degree of privacy …

Gain Privacy Without Losing The View

Gain Privacy Without Losing The View

Many home and business owners appreciate the energy savings associated with window films but are ultimately more interested in privacy. The good news is that you can enjoy all of the above – and benefit from notable tax incentives to boot. 

Let The Light Shine Thru With Privacy Window Films

Worried that darkly tinted window films, or frosted or logo options, will wind up cutting your interiors off from light or the view outside? No need to worry. Window film

Protecting Those Commercial Windows From Vandalism

Protecting Those Commercial Windows From Vandalism

Are you tired of having to spend money repairing or replacing commercial windows damaged by vandals? From the removal of graffiti paint and glass etching to downright glass shatters, specialized commercial window film protects your business’s windows from vandalism. 

Security Window Film Products Protect Commercial Windows 

There are entire lines of security and safety window film products, specifically designed to protect commercial windows.  

Shatterproof film products 

Even without the work of vandals, your commercial windows are susceptible to breakage as

Protecting Your Assets: How Office Window Tinting Helps With Security

Protecting Your Assets: How Office Window Tinting Helps With Security

Why should you consider office window tinting? Well, the FBI estimates that close to 7.7 million property crimes took place in the U.S. back in 2017. Larceny-theft was the most common, accounting for 71.7% of all reported property crimes. Burglary ranks second, at 18.2%.

Together though, all these unlawful activities led to $15.3 billion worth of losses.

That said, it’s time you up your office’s security ante. Because every four seconds, a property crime happens. That crime’s next victim …

Is Privacy Window Film Eco-Friendly?

Is Privacy Window Film Eco-Friendly?

Privacy window film is the answer you’ve been looking for, but haven’t known to ask for.

If you live in a particularly cold or warm climate, you know that energy bills can get quite high. No one likes soaring utility bills in the dead of winter or the peak of summer. 

This is why many people have started to seek more energy-efficient options for their household, including a privacy window film. For those interested in this affordable but effective window treatment, …

10 Creative Uses For Decorative Window Film

10 Creative Uses For Decorative Window Film

When you want to update the look of your windows, curtains and window blinds are usually the first thing to come to mind. But when you’re wanting something a bit different, that’s when decorative window film could be the answer.

Most people think decorative film is just for that – decoration. But it might surprise you to learn it has uses for so much more.

Let’s look at 10 creative uses for decorative window film that is more than just …

10 Ways Frosted Window Film Adds Privacy

10 Ways Frosted Window Film Adds Privacy

Are you respecting yourself in your own home? Here’s how frosted window film helps you achieve comfort, productivity, and the lifestyle you deserve.

There is more to your windows than you think. If you haven’t considered how window visibility and style affects your life, your productivity, and your wallet, the following findings may interest you–and surprise you.

Today, we no longer have much control over our personal data; but we don’t have to surrender the “data” of everyday life. Experts

The Advantages of One Way Film

the-advantages-of-one-way-filmOne way glass film has a lot of advantages, from helping protect your home or business from burglary or theft to reducing glare to increasing privacy. Let’s take a look at some of the top reasons consumers are turning to this option more and more often.

Keep your home safe with one way glass film

There are many things you can do to keep your home safer from burglary, including preventing outside eyes from seeing inside. When used on …

How Window Film Can Protect Your Home From Criminals


Window film has many benefits, including UV protection for the interior of your home, improved resistance to heat transfer, and glare reduction. Many window film customers don’t realize that this amazing product has one more important benefit, however: It can deter criminals and even prevent them from gaining access to your home.

Here are a few benefits of window film that actually help to protect your home from criminals, as well as sunlight and heat:

Window Film Makes Your Windows

Your Business and Decorative Window Film


Having the windows of your business sized up for decorative window film may seem extraneous. Or, at least, it does until you consider the benefits. Consider all the reasons it may be right for your business, and then decide whether it is still a costly extra.

Energy Efficiency

When it comes to running a business, one of the chief concerns, of course, is lowering your bottom line. While decorative window films certainly add to the aesthetic quality of your business, …