10 Creative Uses For Decorative Window Film

10 Creative Uses For Decorative Window Film

10 creative uses for decorative window film

When you want to update the look of your windows, curtains and window blinds are usually the first thing to come to mind. But when you’re wanting something a bit different, that’s when decorative window film could be the answer.

Most people think decorative film is just for that – decoration. But it might surprise you to learn it has uses for so much more.

Let’s look at 10 creative uses for decorative window film that is more than just decorative.

Hide Kitchen Cabinet Contents

Do you have glass cabinet doors in your kitchen? Or thinking about putting some in?

Glass panels added to cabinet doors are very popular. They tend to open up the visual space in a kitchen and give it a light, airy feeling.

What isn’t so popular, however, is seeing all the pantry items behind them. Or having to keep your plates and glasses perfectly lined up to make it look neat and tidy.

But with decorative window film, you can have the best of both worlds. Keep the glass panes you love while adding the much-needed privacy.

And with the variety of finishes to choose from, there’s a film that will blend in with any kitchen decor.

Add Privacy To A Shower Door

Maybe you loved the look of your glass shower door when you first moved in. It served you well when you were newly married, but now you have kids and the bathroom has turned from “ours” to “everybody’s”.

You need to add privacy. But you don’t want to foot the bill for a whole new shower door.

Decorative window film can solve that problem. Apply the film to the shower door to get the privacy you need while keeping that extra cash in your wallet.

Stop Glare From High Windows Or Skylights

High accent windows and skylights are great for letting in lots of natural light while maintaining privacy. But that comes at the cost of sometimes letting in too much glare and damaging UV rays.

But getting window treatments can be pricey, especially if they are custom made. And they’re unreasonable to use if the windows are out of reach.

Use window film to block out the unwanted glare and UV rays. It will still let in the light you want without messing with the hassle of window treatments.

Create A One-Way Mirror

Decorative reflective window film has more ways than one use.

It can turn that antique flea market window you found into the perfect mirror for the entryway wall.

Or, if you want to be able to fully see out an exterior window but you don’t want anyone to be able to look in – make it a one-way mirror. You get all the privacy you want without an obstructed view.

Sidelight Privacy

Sidelights can give any front door major character. But with the character comes a lack of privacy. Any nosy neighbor can walk by and get a peek at what’s going on inside your home.

Get your privacy back with the help of decorative window film. Choose a finish that compliments the features of your front door.

That way, you’re not only adding privacy, you’re also upping the character and customization of your beloved sidelights.

Frosted Bathroom Door Privacy

Finding a great glass door at an antique shop or flea market can feel like a huge win. You’d love to add some character and swap out your current bathroom door with it. But how practical is a glass door for a bathroom??

Very practical if you use some decorative window film.

frosted finish or etched glass gives the privacy you need while still keeping the character and letting light through.

For an added piece of whimsy, apply the word “Private” to the window as well.

Faux Stained Glass

Stained glass is timeless. It’s beautiful. And it’s also very expensive.

If you want to add the look of stained glass without the price, apply a faux stained glass film to any window.

And it doesn’t have to be only exterior windows. Use it on glass kitchen cabinets, the mirror above your fireplace, or as an accent behind the bar in your game room.

Cover An Unsightly View

Do you live in the city with the perfect view of a brick wall? Or maybe your neighbor has parked an RV outside your window?

Sure, you can shut the blinds or curtains to block the unsightly view, but that also blocks out all the natural light that could be coming in.

Why not use decorative window film instead? Not only will your view improve, but you also get to choose exactly what you’ll be looking at. Whether it’s a mural, stained glass, or any other finish. It’s sure to let the beauty and natural light in while keeping the ugly out.

Cover Half A Window

Sometimes you only need partial privacy from your windows. And in situations like this, covering half the window with decorative film is your answer.

It could be on a kitchen window, just above the sink. You can wash the dishes in privacy while still being able to watch the kids playing outside.

Or in the first-floor half bath. The covered bottom half of the window stops anyone walking by from seeing in, yet you still get a clear view of the sky and all the natural light.

Enhance Interior Windows and Mirrors

If you have decorative interior windows above any doors or between rooms, make a feature out of them. Adding film to make it look like more of an architectural feature rather than a blank space adds character to any room.

The same can be said of decorative mirrors. You can make a new mirror look old, frosted for the holidays, or whatever decor you’re going for.

Decorative Window Film Combines Beauty with Functionality

The possible uses for decorative window film are endless. And when you add in its beauty and budget-friendly price, it turns out it’s the perfect package.

Ready to transform your windows with decorative window film? Contact us today! We’d love to answer any questions you may have and give you a free quote.

10 Ways Frosted Window Film Adds Privacy

10 Ways Frosted Window Film Adds Privacy

Are you respecting yourself in your own home? Here’s how frosted window film helps you achieve comfort, productivity, and the lifestyle you deserve.

There is more to your windows than you think. If you haven’t considered how window visibility and style affects your life, your productivity, and your wallet, the following findings may interest you–and surprise you.

Today, we no longer have much control over our personal data; but we don’t have to surrender the “data” of everyday life. Experts agree that privacy matters; frosted window film achieves that, and more.

10 Work-Life Benefits Of Frosted Window Film

In addition to the proven, pragmatic benefits of tinting and frosted windows when maintaining your home or office, the following 10 lesser-known benefits of frosted window film give you a peek into the lifestyle or professional life you might be missing.


Achieve privacy, without the claustrophobia. With frosted window film, you maintain a connection to the outside world without inviting the attention of the passerby.

Privacy isn’t just a break from work and society. There can be practical benefits as well. If you’re a sucker for natural light but you don’t want it heating your home, frosted window film lets you keep the rays you want without a sense of natural intrusion.

Find the balance between enjoying the outside world while setting boundaries for others.


Intimacy can appear at a moment’s notice, in any room of the home; but are outside intrusions affecting your relationships?

Whether with a spouse, family member, or friend, some degree of intimacy is necessary for maintaining personal relationships in your home. You can choose frosted window film in the style you want to quietly contribute to life’s most important shared experiences.

Intimacy isn’t only about romance; intimate family moments contribute to the development of children. Use frosted window film to keep outside interference from disrupting that process.

Concentration And Productivity

There are many pragmatic business benefits to frosted window film, but maintaining privacy as well as a connection with the outside world has psychological benefits for employees as well.

If you find that foot traffic outside your office window is taking away from your work but you don’t want to feel ‘cut off’ from your colleagues, frosted window film can give you the mild detachment you need to get the job done.

Even ambient temperature can affect how well you work. With exterior frosted window film, you can keep out the external heat while you keep the productive juices flowing.

Innovation And Experimentation

There is a reason why geniuses like Newton and Einstein sought solitude to develop their original ideas. You needn’t be a closeted physicist to draw from those benefits.

Do you find that you’re concerned about what passersby think of your new living room decor? Experimentation, whether in the workplace or at home, thrives when it’s free of external judgment.

With frosted window film, you can experiment in peace, make mistakes, and develop breakthroughs in a private office space, kitchen, or studio.


Keeping out distractions needn’t be about your work alone. According to bestselling author Benjamin Bonetti, “Escapism is a place where you can allow the stresses and tensions of your everyday life flow away and put your mind at thoughtful rest.”

How can frosted window film contribute? Whether you want to watch a favorite movie at night or read a new work of fiction in your living room, you can choose any room to take a mental journey without wondering who might be looking in.

“Data” Protection

Data is information that doesn’t just reside online. It lives in your habits and routines, which needn’t be a concern of others.

Your morning routine is important to you and your well-being. Keep your privacy while you wake up to natural light spilling into your bedroom. Frosted window film helps you enjoy both benefits.

Keep your personal habits; your neighbors or colleagues needn’t know more about what you do than what you choose to share with them.


You might spend a lot of time on a beautiful home or work-conducive office, but there isn’t much going on with transparent windows.

Optimize the work environment or add some flare to your home with frosted window film. It’s an unexpected benefit that differentiates your home or office from the status quo.

Long-Term Investment

Improvements like frosted window film have immediate cost benefits to any home or office. Something to add to its list of benefits is longevity.

Window tints like frosted window film are expected to last up to 15 years with proper maintenance. It’s more affordable than standard frosted glass and far easier to clean.

Be sure your frosted window film is installed by a professional for best results and long-term value.

Sending A Message

You may not want to flaunt your home or office space, but you can show your neighbors or visiting clients that you’re invested in what’s important.

Windows are an important element in design approaches such as Feng Shui. Whether that’s part of your approach or not, it demonstrates how frosted window film can accent the home and send a positive message to your guests.

Frosted Window Film As A Technology

The technology surrounding frosted window film development and installation is evolving. Window film technology now has dozens of applications you can explore.

Find a company that understands the latest technologies to find an ideal solution for your home. You can achieve privacy, reduce the impact of solar glare, and save energy. You’ll find frosted window film protects against graffiti, natural disasters, and more.

Start With What’s Important

What’s the connection between your family and your decor, or your work performance and your professional environment? Start with those important parts of your life and consider how your environment affects the people and things you love. What can you improve?

Solutions like frosted window film should be a part of that. If you’re ready to take the next step towards improving your home and your life, contact us for a free estimate.

8 Decorative Window Film Ideas to Add to Your Home

8 Decorative Window Film Ideas to Add to Your Home

Have you ever thought that maybe your windows weren’t pulling their weight?

Don’t get us wrong: Your windows do an awful lot. No one wants to live inside a dark box. And there’s just no substitute for natural sunlight.

But in a world filled with rising energy costs, concern over the environment, and alarmism about privacy, it sometimes feels like your windows could be doing more.

If any of that strikes a nerve, you should consider a decorative window film to tint your windows.

Let’s learn more!

Why Should I Tint My Windows?

Tinting your windows is a great way to save on utility costs and get some extra privacy.

Adding some tint can block harmful UV rays and lessen the heating effect of the sun. This will protect your furniture and floors from damage, and keep your electricity bill low.

Tinting your windows can also allow you some privacy. Drapes and blinds have long been the go-to option, but they block out all the natural light you love.

Using tinted windows instead can keep the light in and the prying eyes out.

But window tint doesn’t have to be all function, no fashion. You can use decorative window film to get all the benefits of a tinted window with a touch of class or whimsy.

In this article, we’ll show you some ways you can incorporate decorative window film to give your windows a touch of elegance.

“Etched” Glass

Etched glass has a timeless look that everyone loves. However, creating it is a difficult process.

To make etched glass, the glass is treated with an acid that eats away at the surface. The result is a rough, semi-opaque surface that can be customized to any design you like.

If you want the beautiful look of etched glass without having to worry about working with acid, decorative window film is a great solution.

Buy a bit of frosted window film. Using a stencil, cut it to any shape you like. Then, simply apply it to your window.

It’s easy and inexpensive, and if you ever decide you want to change it, you don’t need to replace the entire pain.

Mimic Stained Glass with Decorative Window Film

Stained glass windows are undeniably beautiful. And they’ve got a price tag to match.

Traditional stained glass is created by cutting colored glass into small pieces. The glass is then put into place like a mosaic and soldered together.

If you want to obtain the gorgeous look of stained glass on a budget, decorative window film is the way to go.

You can find a premade design and apply it to your window in a flash. Or, you can create your own designs by cutting out shapes from colored film and assembling it yourself.

In either case, the end result is sure to be a stunning detail in your home.

Upgrade Old Windows

Window technology has come a long way in the last few decades. Modern windows are often pretreated to prevent UV rays from passing through.

If you have an old house though, upgrading all of your windows can be a costly endeavor. And besides, it’s hard to replace those old windows with anything that has that same charm.

Window tint is a much cheaper alternative. And if you use decorative window film, you can give your old windows a personal touch.

Get Privacy With Frosted Glass

Frosted glass is a great way to keep nosy passersby from getting an eye full, or to make your shower a little more private.

And it doesn’t hurt that it looks great.

Yet, proper frosted glass is expensive. It’s made by sandblasting the glass, or with the same acid process as etched glass.

With decorative window film, you can give any window the classy look of frosted glass. Frost the doors by your front door for added security. Get some extra privacy through any bedroom windows that face the street.

Want to live out any old fantasies of being a private eye? Put some frosty film over the glass on your office door.

Turn External Windows into One-Way Mirrors

Are you serious about your privacy? You can use privacy window film to turn your windows into one-way mirrors.

One-way mirrors allow you to see out your windows, but anyone on the outside sees their own reflection.

Privacy window film also blocks most ultraviolet light, which protects the interior of your home and keeps it cool in the summertime.

A Touch of Asia

Do you have a love for the exotic? Do you absolutely love the aesthetic of Japanese architecture?

You’re not alone. Everyone loves the look of Japanese rice-paper windows. They have a timeless elegance that many people would love to add to their home.

But unfortunately, it’s not that practical to replace your windows with Japanese paper.

What you can do is recreate that look with decorative window film.

Give your home a touch of Asian charm with custom-made window treatments. They can give you all the charm of Japanese rice-paper without sacrificing any durability or insulation.

Go Partial

Do you want to class up your windows, but don’t want to go all the way?

Use decorative window film on just a portion of the window to add beautiful effects.

stripe of “frosted” glass can give a modern touch that you’ll love.

Or, you can get custom appliques to add beautiful corner treatments. These will add a stroke of vintage elegance that will be the talk of your neighbors.

Class Up Your Cabinets

Think window tint is only for your windows?

Think again.

If you have an antique china cabinet with glass doors, or if your kitchen cabinets have glass doors, add some decorative film to give it that special touch.

Not only will it look beautiful, but if your cabinets are a little less than display-worthy, it will hide the mess.

Upgrade Your Windows Today

There’s no limit to what you can do with customized window film. With a little imagination, you can get the windows you’ve always dreamed of at a fraction of the cost of replacing the windows.

Not sure if tinted windows are right for you? Browse our gallery to get a better idea of what we can do. Then, drop us a line!

The Advantages of One Way Film

the-advantages-of-one-way-filmOne way glass film has a lot of advantages, from helping protect your home or business from burglary or theft to reducing glare to increasing privacy. Let’s take a look at some of the top reasons consumers are turning to this option more and more often.

Keep your home safe with one way glass film

There are many things you can do to keep your home safer from burglary, including preventing outside eyes from seeing inside. When used on exterior windows, one way glass film allows you to see outside clearly but prevents others from seeing inside. Would-be thieves will have no idea when you’re home – or when your office is occupied – which makes them much less likely to attempt a break in.

Ensure your privacy is maximized

What do you do when you have a beautiful view out your bedroom or office window? Many people believe they have only two options: cover up the window – and the view – with heavy draperies to keep prying eyes out or keep the window in but give up privacy. One way glass film gives you a third option. You can see out crystal clear yet others can’t see in. Let the light shine in and brighten up your home, keep your view, and enjoy the location of your home or office – without feeling like you’re on display.

See a significant savings on your utility bills

It’s common for homeowners and business owners to not realize how much harder their air conditioners have to work to cool a space when the sun is streaming in the window. Using window films can significantly reduce your utility bills during the warmer days of the year. This simple product can save some people up to 50% off their cooling costs, depending on the size and type of windows in their home or office.

Reduce glare on computer screens or televisions

Anyone who’s worked in an office without films, or tried to watch TV in the middle of the afternoon in a sunny room, knows who aggravating glare can be. It can cause headaches, make it virtually impossible to see what’s on the screen or TV, and be a huge distraction. The good news is that two way films can significantly reduce or even eliminate this glare.

Get rid of hot spots once and for all

Most homes, whether new or old, have hot spots. This refers to areas of the home that are significantly warmer than other areas. For some, it may literally be a spot – one small section of the home – while for others it may be an entire room. Often these hot spots are caused by the patterns of sunshine into a home. Window films can help prevent it.

Make your windows closer to shatterproof

Finally, consider that when you add films to your windows, it increases their strength. While it won’t necessarily make them completely shatterproof, it will significantly increase their ability to withstand being cracked or broken.

This is only a partial list of the reasons one way window films are an excellent choice for your home or business.

Why Your Business Should Invest In Window Film


There are several reasons why you should consider investing in commercial window film. Today, the purpose is to explore six common factors that indicate your business needs to invest in commercial window film. Let’s get started!

1. Asset Deterioration

The sun’s ultra-violet rays are the primary contributor to fade and deterioration of furniture, carpets, upholstery, wood flooring, and even artwork. This can significantly depreciate the value of your assets, leading to loss of hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars if you tried to sell or donate your faded furnishings.

Fortunately, you can preserve the value of your assets by installing window film, which eliminates over 99% of harmful ultra-violet rays.

2. Excessive Glare and Brightness

Window film will reduce the sun’s annoying glare, thereby minimizing the excessive light that makes you squint your eyes. It will also enrich the visual quality of your view. With window film, the sky will look more attractive and blue. Likewise, the trees and grass will have a greener, healthier look.

Generally, the outdoors will just feel easy on your eyes. On top of that, window film allows you to open your window treatments much wider than ever before. Your glare issues will be significantly reduced, leaving you with a priceless view.

3. Unwanted Graffiti

Graffiti is among the most frustrating forms of vandalism on business premises. It can subject you to an unending cycle of washing, painting, repainting, and even worse, replacing the entire window when the graffiti proves hard to remove. In such situation, anti-graffiti window film would be your ideal solution.

Anti-graffiti window film is inexpensive and easy to install, and it will instantly create a protective layer for your windows.

4. High-Energy Costs

The heat from the sun is so hot that it results in more power being needed to maintain a comfortable working environment. In fact, even cars consume more gas when the air-conditioning system is on. This translates to high-energy bills. In this case, you need high-performance window films that will repel heat and insulate your windows efficiently without limiting visibility.

5. Compromised Privacy

Everyone wants to enjoy personal privacy in the sanctity of their workplace. That’s exactly what you get from installing window film. You’ll enjoy personal privacy all day, every day, at the same time adding a beautiful neutral exterior appearance. Neighbors, strangers, as well as service personnel, won’t be able to snoop on your daily activities from outside.

6. Frequent Window Shattering

If your window is prone to shattering by incidences beyond your control, like falling branches during a storm, playing children, or vandalism, then you should consider installing security window film. The window film will hold strong against the smashing and minimize the amount of glass that actually splits and falls onto the floor.

An easier clean-up and replacement situation is far much better to handle compared to the standard shattered window.

Today, we have more reasons than ever to use some kind of window treatment. From heat rejection and harmful ultra-violet ray’s protection, to the extra safety and security of commercial window films, having window films installed on your premises is a smart investment.

How Window Film Can Protect Your Home From Criminals


Window film has many benefits, including UV protection for the interior of your home, improved resistance to heat transfer, and glare reduction. Many window film customers don’t realize that this amazing product has one more important benefit, however: It can deter criminals and even prevent them from gaining access to your home.

Here are a few benefits of window film that actually help to protect your home from criminals, as well as sunlight and heat:

Window Film Makes Your Windows Shatter Resistant.  One of the biggest advantages to window film is that it makes your windows shatter resistant. It does this because the film is strong enough to hold the glass together if it breaks, much like when someone tapes a cracked window to help give it stability. The advantage with window film is that it covers the entire window, of course, holding the entire piece of glass together.

Not only is this beneficial if something hits one of your windows by accident, such as a ball, but it also minimizes the damage and cleanup if a vandal deliberately throws something like a rock or an egg at your windows.

Window Film Makes It Harder for Criminals to Get In.  In addition to preventing your windows from shattering in case of vandalism, window film can actually help to keep intruders out. When a burglar tries to break your window in order to get into your house, the window film holds the glass together, making his job altogether much more difficult. Because most criminals are looking for an easy job, when even getting into a house proves harder than anticipated, they are more likely to give up before they succeed in getting through the window.

Window Film Can Make It Harder for Criminals to See In.  Unlike the window tint you typically see on cars, a lot of the window film on house windows is clear instead of darkened. However, you can also get other types of window film, such as that with a slight tint or even a mirrored effect. This makes it more difficult for would-be burglars to see into your home in order to scope it out, and generally they won’t try to break in unless they actually see and verify that there is something of value inside.

If home security is a concern for you, window film should definitely be a consideration. With its ability to reduce the damage and cleanup from damage, or deter or possibly even prevent criminals from gaining access to the inside of your home, window film should no longer be considered simply a cosmetic improvement.