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Energy Efficiency

Tax Incentives For Energy-Efficient Window Films

Tax Incentives For Energy-Efficient Window Films

Update: 06/2021

This tax incentive appears to have expired at this time. We’ll update this post if we get any news of the incentive being reinstated.

With the summer months upon us, homeowners begin to look at energy-efficient methods to reduce solar gain and increase interior comfort. Installing window films is a smart way to achieve all of the above and benefit from Uncle Sam’s tax incentives for energy-efficient window films. 

Choose Window Films That Qualify For Tax Incentives 


Solar Screens vs Window Film

Solar Screens vs Window Film

While daylighting is a positive thing, in theory, too much UV and solar heat gain take their toll on a home or business’s interior. From increased energy spending to cool the space, as well as sun fading or harsh glares, occupants experiencing intense sun exposure benefit from the installation of solar screens or window films.

Pros and Cons of Solar Screens vs Window Film

Solar screens vs window film share multiple similarities, but they are two entirely different products.…

Protecting Your Assets: How Office Window Tinting Helps With Security

Protecting Your Assets: How Office Window Tinting Helps With Security

Why should you consider office window tinting? Well, the FBI estimates that close to 7.7 million property crimes took place in the U.S. back in 2017. Larceny-theft was the most common, accounting for 71.7% of all reported property crimes. Burglary ranks second, at 18.2%.

Together though, all these unlawful activities led to $15.3 billion worth of losses.

That said, it’s time you up your office’s security ante. Because every four seconds, a property crime happens. That crime’s next victim …

10 Ways to Save on Energy Costs in Your Business

10 Ways to Save on Energy Costs in Your Business

Small businesses are slaves to the bottom line. It doesn’t take much for the profit margin to shrink or expand, which is why paying attention to energy consumption – and energy efficiency – can be vital to a business. Looking for ways to save on energy costs in your business can start with very simple observations, corrections, and modifications. These savings will become evident as monthly utility bills continue to decrease over time. In fact, the majority of the suggested …

10 Ways to Lower Energy Costs at Home

10 Ways to Lower Energy Costs at Home

Did you know the average American household spends almost 30 percent of their annual energy consumption on heating their home? That is closely followed by another 17 percent on cooling energy and about 14 percent towards their hot water tank usage. Most Americans pay their monthly utility bills automatically. They may bemoan the fact that this month’s bill is higher than normal, but otherwise they don’t really give much thought to monthly energy consumption. While homeowners may anticipate the rise …

How Residential Window Tinting Can Lower Energy Costs

How Residential Window Tinting Can Lower Energy Costs

Even though the summer solstice falls on June 21st this year, the sun’s rays will be turning up the heat much sooner than that. While spending the day basking in the hot sun is great when poolside, it’s less enjoyable when you’re inside and trying to relax. Higher temperatures outside drive interior temperatures up as well, meaning a hotter (and more expensive) home for you. Summer energy costs can easily break the bank if you’re not prepared. We can help …

Window Tinting vs Sunscreens for Your Home

window-tinting-vs-sunscreens-for-your-homeWindows help the home’s interior feel spacious and allow in welcoming natural light. However, sunlight through windows can also heat the home up, significantly, which leads to higher cooling bills. According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, a home’s windows account for nearly 40% of unwelcome heat gain. In addition, sunlight fades home furnishings. Adding window tinting or sunscreens are two ways to reduce the sun’s glare and heat. Adding either is better than no protection at all, but …

Window Film and the Weather

window-film-and-the-weatherThere are several good reasons why residential window film is recommended especially during the hottest and coldest months of the year.

Higher Energy Prices

In today’s world, the cost of supplying energy to homes has continued to increase, which has homeowners considering options to lessen monthly utility bills. While sealing cracks around doors and windows will help, as well as adding or replacing insulation, one area that has a direct effect on loss of energy are the windows.

With window …

Does UV Protection Fade Over Time?


Protection from Ultra Violet (UV) rays from tinted windows will last as long as the window’s tinted film remains in good condition. Top-quality products are supposed to last from ten years to a lifetime maintaining their efficacy for UV protection. Tinted windows are both protective and energy efficient.

Most window tint products for homes are designed to protect people from up to 98% percent of the sun’s harmful rays. This protection helps with the following:

  • Protects skin from continual exposure

8 Residential Window Film Facts


Homeowners are constantly looking for ways to save money on energy bills while protecting their investments.

Residential window film allows you to do both by significantly slashing the amount of money you spend every month on heating and cooling, offering protection against broken glass and thefts, and protecting your family against UV damage.

Residential Film Facts 

Below is a list of 8 additional ways in which residential window film cuts your expenses, protects your family and gives you that much …

The Elements Effects on Window Film and Tinting

the-elements-effects-on-window-film-and-tintingIn general, window film is polyester based and is applied to glass surfaces to reduce the heat intake of homes and buildings. Commercial and residential window film is used to add another dimension of appeal to buildings. In addition, these films provide protection from shattering glass and offer building owners and occupants several other benefits. However, as time passes, the effectiveness of your window film does change. The following information explains a few of those changes and what you can …

Vinyl Window Film Provides Privacy, Security, Energy Efficiency

Vinyl window film is an affordable and effective way to enhance privacy, security and energy efficiency in your home or business. While many products are sold as “DIY Window Film” products, we’ve seen time and time again that it takes professional products, installed by professional people, to optimize window film’s look and function.

Vinyl window film is a thin, customized layer that is installed on the interior surface of the window. If you’re in the middle of a new construction …